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Donald Trump Makes This Declaration To All Americans: ‘Abortion Is Evil, All Human Beings Are Made In The Holy Image Of God.’

By Theodore Shoebat Trump made a declaration to all Americans on the evils of abortion, stating that it is evil and that “All children — born and unborn — are made in the holy image of God.” As we read in a report from Christian Headlines: President Trump criticized supporters of late-term abortion and urged […]

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Trump: ‘All Of ISIS Will Be Destroyed By Next Week’

By Theodore Shoebat Trump recently said that all of ISIS will be destroyed by next week. An interesting analysis was made about this by RT: US Middle East policy is becoming increasingly confusing, as Donald Trump assured his coalition allies that “100 percent” of Islamic State will be defeated “next week.” However, the military has […]

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The Fact That Junk Bonds Are Back Is A Warning Sign To The Prudent Man

In an interesting development in financial news, high-yield and high-risk bonds, known as “junk bonds”, are back for investors according to a report: While stocks hog the limelight with their best January in three decades, another corner of the risk assets marketplace sprang back to life last month after having taken a pounding at the […]

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Man Severely Beats His Girlfriend In The Head, Then Makes Twenty-Eight One-Inch Slices All Over Her Face As She Screams For Help

A man in Michigan was arrested for the horrible murder of his girlfriend. After beating her severely in the head, he then made twenty-eight one-inch slices all over her face as she screamed for help according to a report: A man is under arrest after his girlfriend was found murdered in a Downriver apartment in […]

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Christian Pastor In Burma Kidnapped And Murdered By Rebel Armies

The 2008 Rambo 4 film portrayed Sylvester Stallone defending and finally, rescuing a group of American Christian missionaries before going to war with a small Christian rebel army against the Burmese military. Burma, known as Myanmar, is a nation with a growing Christian population but a strong history of anti-Christian violence, both from the government […]

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Indian State Passes Resolution To End Discrimination Against Poor Christians

It is important to note that the resolution has not been formally accepted by the central government, and it could still be rejected. However, it is a hopeful sign that at least in parts of India, there is a recognition of the seriousness of Christian persecution and a formal attempt to address it: he Legislative […]

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