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Chinese Government Digs In On Its Hatred Of God, Announces Massive Censorship Of Christian Programs

The Chinese government has announced sweeping measures to censor online activity. One of the major things being targeted is religion, which mandates a censorship of religious content according to a report: In January, the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) issued new regulations stating that all programs due to be posted online must be reviewed before […]

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The US Is Backing Revolution In Venezuela, And Now Venezuelan Military Officers Are Asking Trump For Weapons To Fight The Maduro Regime

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat Venezuela is in chaos and caught within the violent labyrinth of corrupt government and the torrent of geopolitical bloodlust from outside powers. While poverty is entrenched in the society thanks to corruption and nefarious dealings, Venezuelan military defectors have recently called for the US to send arms to rebels […]

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Young American Evangelicals Are Turning Against Israel, Say They Feel Deceived By Her Portrayal From Pastors

It is no surprise that the support for Israel and American Evangelical Protestant Christianity are veritably synonymous. However, that may be changing as younger generations of Christians are less interested in the “support of Israel” as a political entity as an unspoken tenet of being a “Christian” according to a report: A leading Anglican theologian […]

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The New England Patriots Really Do Have An Unnatural And Evil Advantage

The recent Superbowl saw another New England Patriots victory, much to the aggravation of much of the country. The Pats superstar player, Tom Brady, had another strong performance that is even more amazing when one considers his age, as he is “old” for a football player and yet still manages to continue to deliver time-and-time […]

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francisco forucade romo

Singer Who Made His Money Lauding The Drug Cartels Is Executed By Drug Cartel Sicarios

Francisco Fourcade Romo was a famous narcocorrido, or a singer who makes his money by singing songs in praise of the infamous cartels whose drug peddling and criminal activities have turned the Central American nation into one of the most dangerous places on earth. In an interesting twist, while he publicly denied any associations with cartels […]

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