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Why Governments Support Terrorism In Their Own Countries

By Theodore Shoebat  When terrorism takes place in a country, there is a tendency for people to think that the government (or really the politicians) are either stupid or want the population to get invaded. Some people in Western countries will even say that it is part of a war against the white race. Is […]

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trump signing

President Trump Launches “American Artificial Intelligence Initiative”

Artificial intelligence programs are being aggressively developed by the military and government. In an interesting admission of this, President Trump has just signed the “American Artificial Intelligence Initiative,” which is meant to promote the research and building of AI systems according to a report: U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday will sign an executive order […]

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Hungarian President Orban Proposed Abolishing Income Tax For Large Families

Hungarian President Viktor Orban declared in a recent speech a series of measures to boost fertility, including the elimination of income tax for families with more than a certain number of children according to a report: Hungary’s prime minister has announced a raft of measures aimed at boosting the country’s declining birth rate and reducing […]

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catalonia map

Major Political Figure Says That Israel Wants To Pledge Support To Catalonian Independence In Exchange For A Military Base

The Catalonian nationalist movement has been connected with the rise of German nationalism and efforts to fragment Europe that are reminiscent of preparations for a future war. It is of interest to note that Manuel Millestre of the Popular Party of Spain recently said on television in a discussion that Israel has pledged to support […]

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southern baptist abuse collage

Hundreds Of Sex Abuse Cases Swamp Southern Baptists

The “sexual abuse” crisis in the Catholic Church is most accurately described as a plague of homosexual abuse since it constitutes the super majority of the cases. While being the most discussed, she also has some of, if not the lowest rates overall of abuse. The Protestant Churches, Muslims, and Jews have proportionately much higher […]

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russia internet

Russia About To Conduct Massive Test To Take The Internet Offline For The Entire Nation

The Internet is a part of modern life, and many people cannot imagine life without it. Yet that is what Russia is going to do, at least for a test, with an intentional and temporary shut down of the Internet planned by the government according to a report: Russian authorities and major internet providers are […]

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boko haram 04

Study Finds Sharp Increase In Islamic Terrorist Attacks In Nigeria

Terrorism has increased all throughout Nigeria, and according to a recent report it has drastically increased with most of the violence coming from Boko Haram: Bloodshed in 2018 spiked dramatically in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region, with the heaviest attacks taking place in Plateau State. ACLED reported that approximately 1,930 brutal deaths were attributed to Fulani […]

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