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trump and ilhan omar

Ilhan Omar, Donald Trump And American Hypocrisy

By Theodore Shoebat While Ilhan Omar said that politicians are controlled by money coming from the pro-Israel lobby, it is also true that Trump declared before a crowd of Jewish Republican funders that they control politicians with their money. While Trump said that Omar should resign or be stripped of her committee speaking commission, this […]

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Pentagon Declares That The US Must “Accelerate” A.I. Technologies In Preparation For War

Recently, the Pentagon declared that the military must “accelerate” with “injecting” artificial intelligence technologies into battlefield technology according to a report: The Pentagon made public for the first time on Feb. 12 the outlines of its master plan for speeding the injection of artificial intelligence (AI) into military equipment, including advanced technologies destined for the […]

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Major American Military-Industrial Contractor Now Tied To Building Prisons In China For Rounding Up And Torturing Muslims

Erik Prince is the infamous founder of Blackwater/Academi, a military-industrial contractor with a history of providing mercenary services as well as scandals throughout the world. Prince is directly tied to many other major military-industrial contractors, one of which is the Frontier Services Group, a company which has now been exposed as having been involved in […]

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Syrian rebel fighters sit behind deployed machine guns during a military parade near the southern city of Daraa on June 7, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Mohamad ABAZEED

American Weapons Have Ended Up In The Hands Of Iranian Backed Terrorist Groups

By Theodore Shoebat American weapons have ended up in the hands of Iranian backed rebels through Saudi Arabia, as we read in a report from the New York Post: Saudi Arabia has handed over American-made weapons and technology to al Qaeda-linked fighters, Iranian-backed rebels and other militant groups waging war in Yemen, violating an agreement […]

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The Italian Government Backs The Yellow Vest Movement In France. This Is About Sparking The Rise Of Nationalism And The Coming Euro Spring

By Theodore Shoebat France recently pulled out its ambassador from Italy as a response to the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio meeting with Yellow Vesters who, as has shown, are full of nationalists who fantasize about beheading politicians and support attacking police officers and journalists. Paris said that criticisms coming from Italy […]

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