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Joshua Aaron Greiff and williams

Three People In Florida Kidnap Illegal Immigrant, Take Him To A Trailer Where They Torture Him For Hours And Rob Him. A Woman Tells The Illegal: ‘If You Report Us To The Police I Will Just Tell Them That You Raped Me.’ They Also Tell The Illegal That He Will Be Deported Because He Is An Illegal Immigrant

By Theodore Shoebat A horrifying story took place in Florida recently. A gang of three people — two men and a woman — kidnapped a man, took him to a trailer, tortured him for hours and robbed him. They also told him that he could not go to the police because he would be deported […]

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nuclear weapon under water

Russia Tests New Underwater Nuclear Drone That Actually May Pose A Threat To The US

The US and Russia are both developing many new weapons in preparation for a coming conflict. One the new weapons that Russia is working on is an underwater nuclear drone: Russia will reportedly start at-sea factory trials of a nuclear-powered unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), also known as the Poseidon, sometime in the second half of […]

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Israeli Government Exposed Helping Foreign Dictators Cyber Spy On Innocent People, Then Tries To Destroy The Lives Of The People Who Exposed The Crimes

In October 2018, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz did a fascinating story about how the Israeli government was selling hacking and spyware technologies and services to foreign despots with brutal histories to help them hunt down, torture, and murder “dissidents” in their societies as well as citizens living abroad. Among them included many innocent people and […]

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Politicians In Kentucky Gather Together To Vote On Abortion. A Pregnant Woman Comes Before Them And The Politicians Hear The Beating Heart Of Her Unborn Child. One Official Declares: “That Child In Her Womb Is A Living Human Being”. Almost All Of The Politicians Vote Against Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Politicians in Kentucky gathered together to vote on abortion. They heard the beating heart of an unborn child still in the womb of a pregnant mother who was present in the assembly. One official declared: “That child in her womb is a living human being,” before the majority of the senators voted in […]

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Bill Cosby Declares That He’s In Prison Because Of His Political Beliefs

By Theodore Shoebat Bill Cosby recently declared that he’s in prison because of his political beliefs, as we read in a report from Fortune: In his first statement since being sentenced to prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman, Bill Cosby says he has “no remorse” and feels he is like a “political prisoner.” […]

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Yellow Vester Who Attacked French Police Officers Gets Sentenced To One Year In Prison. Tons Of French People Raise Money For His Defense

By Theodore Shoebat A Yellow Vester attacked police officers not too long ago:   This same terrorist was just sentenced to one year in prison, as we read in a Fox News report: A former champion French boxer-turned-“yellow vest” protester who was filmed attacking riot police officers during demonstrations in January has been convicted of […]

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Trump Will Declare A State Of Emergency And Take Executive Action To Make The Build The Wall

By Theodore Shoebat Trump will be declaring a state of emergency and will take executive action to build the border wall, as we read in a report from Fox News: The Senate on Thursday afternoon approved a border security package to avert another government shutdown, as the White House said President Trump is preparing to take the […]

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china map

Chinese Economy Begins To Slow Down, Students In Or Returning To China Cannot Find Jobs

China’s economy is often times spoken of in such a way that it would seem to grow forever. But nothing lasts forever, and that fact has become apparent where as China’s economy begins to “slow,” that Chinese students are now unable to find work after graduation according to reports: Downward pressure on the economy will […]

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Record Number Of Americans Are Behind On Their Car Payments

Cars are important to American life, for the country cannot be effectively navigated, including local communities, without one. People spend lots of money on cars for this reason. As such, they are a notable source of debt for many. But what happens when a person cannot pay his loans? Moreso, what happens if large numbers […]

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Mother Declares That She Would Rather Choose To Commit Infanticide Than Have Her Child With Disabilities

When one things of love, there are few better examples than that of a mother and her child. However, not all mothers love their children, and some even want to murder them. Such is the example of one mother who says that she wished she could murder her daughter by a late-term abortion because she […]

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