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What Do All Of These Faces Have In Common?

Below are a series of photos. Look at them carefully.   Tell me, what do they all have in common? Were you able to guess? The answer is simple, and disturbing. None of these people exist. They were all generated by an artificial intelligence program: The most impressive magic trick AI‘s learned in the modern […]

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Vatican Announces The Laicization Of Cardinal McCarrick

In good news coming from the Vatican, Cardinal McCarrick has been laicized for being “guilty of the following delicts while a cleric: solicitation in the Sacrament of Confession, and sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and with adults, with the aggravating factor of the abuse of power” according to a report: The Holy Press […]

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US Student Loan Debt In “Serious Delinquency” Reaches $166 Billion

College is said to be the path to wealth, but for many it has become a path to poverty as student loans and the fact that said loans in the US cannot be discharged by bankruptcy have reached and surpassed $166 billion dollars in “serious delinquency” according to a report: Student-loan delinquencies surged last year, […]

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President Trump Nominates And Congress Confirms William Barr For Second Term As Attorney General

William Barr, an attorney with a long history of involvement in government, was just appointed to US Attorney general by President Trump: The Senate voted Thursday to approve William Barr as the next attorney general and successor to Jeff Sessions, who stepped down in November. Now, the pressing question is what the country can expect […]

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Even Ann Coulter Is Declaring That Trump Is A Failure And A Fraud

Ann Coulter is a famous figure in the “Conservative” movement with a reputation for making bold and unfiltered statements in comparison with the majority of other figures. As we have pointed out, she has a history of supporting eugenics and other anti-life ideas. For many years, she strongly supported Trump’s presidential campaign. However, now three […]

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