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laughing jesus

Silicon Valley Funded Quest For Immortality Is Spreading To The General Public

It is a known fact that people in Silicon Valley have been working on “life extension” technologies not to improve life, but to attempt to make themselves divine, something which is common to many cultures and which they have admitted is what they believe is another phase of evolution into becoming an “interplanetary species.” A […]

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News Anchor Dies After Shoving Crystal Meth Into His Anus During Perverted Sodomite Bondage Ritual In A Motel

The real life of sodomites is highly disturbing for the average person. While they present the image of being “clean,” upright, and “funny,” their life is the underside of a large rock, filled with all kinds of unseen filth. The LGBT “life” is defined by dangerous and unhealthy practices including but not limited to the […]

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court martial

US Supreme Court Declares That Anybody Who Served In The Military Can Be Court-Martialed, Even After Service

The Supreme Court just ruled that former military members, even upon having left military service, can be court-martialed for crimes committed after service and as such are still subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice: The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Defense Department’s authority to prosecute retired service members for crimes they commit, […]

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Saudi Arabia Defends The Chinese Government, Says That China Has A “Right” To Put Muslims In Concentration Camps

Saudi Arabia is toast and she knows it. Her only ally is Pakistan, and she is hated by all of her Muslim neighbors for her open hypocrisy among her ruling classes and her attitude towards the rest of the Muslim world. She is most adamantly hated by Turkey, who is a historical world power and […]

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