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Texas Senators And Representatives Declare That Trump’s “National Emergency” Declaration Has No Basis

By Theodore Shoebat Texas senators and representatives have declared that Trump’s “national emergency” declaration has no basis. As we read in a report from the Texas Tribune: Texas’ U.S. senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, have not been as enthusiastic. Cornyn has expressed deep reservations, and Cruz has asserted there are ways for the Trump administration to do […]

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Iran And India Both Threaten Action Against Pakistan For Terrorism

By Walid Shoebat Iran and India recently threatened action against Pakistan on charges of terrorism. There is a report on that came from Global News: Pakistan is facing accusations of harbouring terrorists from western neighbour Iran as well as eastern foe India after dozens of soldiers were killed in separate suicide attacks in the two countries. […]

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The Strategy Of Mass Murder: Create Want And Dictate Opinion

By Theodore Shoebat Some of my observations on the strategy of create want and dictate opinion, which goes back to the 18th century, and how you can see it in the major political shifts taking place today: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR NEW SHOEBAT FACEBOOK PAGE

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Is India’s Expulsion Of One Million Tribal Peoples Under Environmental Pretexts A Preparation For The Mass Murder Of Christians?

India is a curious nation to many, where cows are worshiped as sacred while the poorest of the poor, known as dalits in the Hindu religion, are forced to live in conditions worse than animals because it is believed that this is their divinely ordained position in life because of actions from their previous “life.” […]

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Catholic Bishop Excommunicates “Catholic” Senator And Infanticide Support Dick Durbin, Tells Him To Repent Of His Sin

While there has been much bad news coming out about priests and bishops in the Church, much of this is directly traceable to the infiltration and infestation of sodomites in the clerical ranks. The fact remains that there are many good priests who actually believe what the Faith teaches and will stand in support of […]

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Japan Creates Robot “Reincarnation” Of The Buddha To Preach In Buddhist Temple

The merger of artificial intelligence and religion is a trend that will have to be carefully watched for the future as it can be a means to bring about the worship of technology and robots as divine beings. While it may sound strange, there is already a man named Anthony Levandowski who has started a […]

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