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Hindu Terrorists Lobby To Turn Nepal Into A Hindu Ethnostate

The tiny kingdom of Nepal has a large Hindu population, and in recent years has been viciously persecuting her Christian minority. India, her southern neighbor, has seen a resurgence of nationalism of which a main part involves Christian persecution and an openly expressed desire to identify Christians through a national ID card system and eventually, […]

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Drug Cartel Terrorists Slaughter Members Of Rival Cartel With Avalanche Of Two Thousand Bullets

The vicious dogfight between the CJNG and Zetas Continues. In another video showing horrendous violence, members of the CJNG slaughtered several members of the Zetas with two thousand bullets according to a report: A video where Sicarios of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) broadcast on networks images of the brutal where he executes live […]

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Ben Shapiro Sides With The Sodomites As Conservative Christian Woman Is Fired For Criticizing Fellow Homosexual Conservative On Twitter

Denise McAllister is a well-known journalist with The Federalist, a conservative publication. She recently made a series of tweets criticizing a fellow conservative journalist over his homosexuality after she said he attacked her for being normal. In response, she was fired from her job and she later tweeted that Ben Shapiro messaged her saying that […]

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US Army Major And Strategist Declares That Trump Will Likely Win In 2020

Maj. Danny Sjursen is a retired US Army Major and strategist who writes regularly on issues of war and peace. Regardless of his views, some of which are uniquely his own, he recently wrote an excellent piece about the situation of President Trump, saying that it is very likely that he will win in the […]

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Terrence O'Shaughnessy

Major Military General Declares: Migrants From Central America Are Not A Military Threat To The United States

By Theodore Shoebat Trump just recently withdrew aid from Central America. Hundreds of millions of dollars were earmarked as aid and bound for Central American countries, but for year they have been kept without being sent. Regardless of the fact that Congress approved for the funds to be sent as aid to Central America, Trump […]

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Expect High Food Prices This Year As Over A Million Acres Of Farmland Are Devastated In Floods

In many countries, food for living is a major expense, consuming up to 25% or even more of a family’s budget. Food insecurity can lead to revolutions throughout history, and so is a major concern of governments. Food production is also something that is dependent on the weather. For example, a major flood, storm, the […]

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chrt BC

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Orders Christian Man To Pay Fifty-Five Thousand Dollars To A Male Sodomite For Hurting His Feelings Because He Called Him A Male

Ronan Oger is a biological male who started dressing up as a woman and calling himself “Morgane.” He filed a human rights case against a Christian man, Bill Whatcott, for distributing flyer calling this man a man. The Canadian Human Rights tribunal ruled against Whatcott and has ordered him to pay the sodomite $55,000 for […]

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Child-Loving Ladies’ Man Joe Biden Accused By Former Assemblywoman Of “Gross” Kissing Her On The Back Of Her Neck

Joe Biden loves children and women in general, and given the public photos of him and the expressions of people in them and around the is would appear that such love may be a little to much for them to handle or what they desire. In a recent allegation, which Biden says he does not […]

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reuben mcausland 01

Former Drug-Dealing New Jersey Cop Caught In Uniform Beating Bed-Bound Suicidal Man While In The Hospital

In a video that has shocked the Internet, a former New Jersey police officer was caught on camera assaulting a suicidal man in a hospital bed: A former New Jersey police officer who admitted dealing drugs was caught on camera brutally assaulting a suicidal man — twice. Federal prosecutors sentenced ex-Paterson officer Ruben McAusland to […]

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The Antichrists Of This World Will Portray Themselves As Christian To Deceive You

By Theodore Shoebat Some of my observations on what Christ warned: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (Matthew 24:24) Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW […]

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Drug Cartel Viciously Beheads Man Of Rival Cartel ISIS-Style On Video

Right now in Mexico there is, according to our contacts, a series of wars between various cartels for control over select regions. Two of the cartels fighting are the CJNG and Los Zetas, both of which are very violent and have been proven to practice cannibalism. While they are violent against Christians, they are also […]

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China Tells People To Report Christian Religious Activities To The Government

In a move that reminds one of the days from behind the “Iron Curtain,” China is telling her people to report “illegal” religious activity to the government according to a report: Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, has issued a set of guidelines to reward those who report on ‘illegal religious activities.’ Informants can receive up […]

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Why Sometimes The Opinion Of An Actor Does Matter

Chris Evans is a well-known actor due to his role in the Captain America movies. However, he says that he is willing to lose half of his audience over his dislike of President Trump according to a report: The star of the mega-hit Captain America movies says he’s willing to alienate half his audience — […]

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happy mexican farm worker

The “Mother Of All Migrant Caravans” Is Heading From Central America Towards The US Right Now

During the US invasion of Afghanistan, she created and used the “mother of all bombs.” Now a similar term is being used, except this time to describe migrants coming from Central America to the USA, in what is being called the “mother of all caravans according to a report”: Mexico is bracing for the possible […]

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hollywood elite abortion

The Senate Of Georgia Passes Bill That Makes It Illegal To Murder Unborn Babies Once They Have A Heartbeat. Hollywood Elite Threatens To Pull Out All Production Companies From Georgia

By Theodore Shoebat The Senate of Georgia just recently passed a pill that would make it illegal to murder unborn babies once they have a heartbeat. Because of this, the Hollywood elite are now threatening to pull out all production companies from the state of Georgia, as we read in a report from CBN: The […]

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Bannon And Gaffney Are Back, This Time Pushing For War With China

We have been aggressively warning about the rise of nationalism and how it is being used as a vehicle to realize a war in the future. Steve Bannon, who was famously associated with President Trump’s campaign, we pointed out was “let go” not as a result of tactical failures, but that his mission was complete […]

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