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Hindu Terrorists Are Now Routinely Lynching Christians Throughout India

Violence against Christians continues to get worse in India. It is now so bad that it has become common for Christians to be publicly lynched according to a report: Violent attacks including public lynchings against Christians in India are reportedly becoming increasingly common, with international NGOs and the country’s Catholic bishops raising their voices in […]

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ISIS Gives US Government All Of The Gold She Stole From The Governments And Businesses Of Iraq And Syria, Churches, And Christians

After World War II, it was said that the OSS, now CIA, helped to steal the majority gold holdings held in secret by the Japanese government. These gold holdings, referred to as Yamashita’s treasure, remain a subject of much discussion and historical controversy. Bearing this in mind, news reports have come from both Turkey and […]

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Indian Government Admits That They Knew The Terrorist Attack In which 40 Indians Were Slaughtered And Which Sparked Conflict Between India And Pakistan Was Going To Happen

By Theodore Shoebat The Indian government recently admitted that the terrorist attack in which 40 Indians were slaughtered and which helped spark the conflict between India and Pakistan, was due to an “intelligence failure.” As we read in a report from India Today: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said the terror attack […]

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Internet Trolls From India And Pakistan Are Praising War Between Their Two Countries

By Theodore Shoebat The internet trolls of India and Pakistan are barking for war on the internet, and some of them are not nobodies online. One famous Indian actor, Ajay Devgn, recently went onto Twitter to express favor of war against Pakistan, saying: “Mess with the best, die like the rest”.  Mess with the best, die like […]

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Islamic Terrorists In India Are Recruiting Tens Of Thousands Of Islamists To Fight Against The Indian Government And Declare: “We Muslims will set India on fire. We will kill them and blow them up.”

By Theodore Shoebat Islamist terrorists in India, members of the Jamaat-e-Islami jihadist organization, are recruiting Islamists to fight against the Indian government. One recruit even declared: “We Muslims will set India on fire … We will kill them and blow them up. I hope we will win this fight InshaAllah.” As we read in a […]

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India And Pakistan Are At War, With Pakistani And Indian Forces Now Shelling Each Other. Civilians And Soldiers Have Already Been Killed

By Theodore Shoebat India and Pakistan are at war (again), with both forces shelling each other. Civilians have already died. As RT reports: Just a day after an Indian pilot was freed from Pakistani captivity, offering hope for de-escalation, the two countries resumed shelling in Kashmir, killing a number of civilians on both sides, according […]

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Jeff Bezos Admits Darwinistic Views, Says That The Future Of The Human Race Is In Space And “Population Control” Is Necessary

In July 2018, exposed an exclusive story about deep connections between artificial intelligence, the new darwinism, and science fiction, where major billionaires, scientists, and government were preparing for the “next phase” of human evolution where mankind would “evolve” through the use of genetic technologies into, in the words of Peter Diamandis, an “interplanetary species.” […]

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American Corporations And Professors Sell Genetic Technologies To Help China Round Up And Put Muslims In Concentration Camps

Many people will criticize “Germany,” “the Nazis,” or “Hitler” for what happened in World War II. However, what is almost never criticized in the public mind is the role of corporations- many of them in the US -who directly helped both the national socialists and the allies.Ted has pointed out that perhaps the most infamous […]

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Evil Mexican Mother And Her Sodomite Lover Beat Her Seven-Year-Old Son, Burn Him With Cigars, Cut Him With Knives And Starve Him Until He Dies For Refusing To Dress Like A Girl

In a story out of Mexico, a sodomite mother and her lover worked together to murder beat her eight-year-old son to death because he refused to dress like a girl at his mother’s order: A child no older than eight years old died on Wednesday morning at the Community Hospital of Juventino Rosas, after being […]

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