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Hindu Nationalists Launch Campaign To Turn Nepal Into A Hindu Ethnostate

Nepal existed as a Hindu kingdom within India since 1768 and a Constitutional monarchy since 1990, and a secular nation since 2006. However, the rise of Hindu nationalism on the Indian subcontinent has called many Hindu activists to push for a “re-hinduization” of Nepal and with that a persecution of Christians, who constitute already a […]

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Trump Administration Declares They Will Review Granting “Temporary Amnesty” To THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND ILLEGALS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA

In a complete turn from previous statements, the Trump administration has declared that they will review granting amnesty to three hundred thousand foreign nationals lacking legal status and documentation and living in the US according to a report: The Trump administration will be extending the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for more than 300,000 foreign nationals, […]

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US Military Moves Forward With The Development Of AI Tanks

The development of artificial intelligence weapons will continue to be a major theme for the years leading up to the next major global conflict. As such, the US military has recently announced the development of a new tank guided by artificial intelligence according to a report: A new initiative by the US Army suggests “another […]

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India Wanted Terrorism Just Like How Marsha Blackburn Wanted The Migrant “Caravan”

The rise of nationalism throughout the world, being driven by government policy in direct collaboration with the moves of the financial and industrial sectors, has brought about an epidemic of xenophobia and fear-based patriotism. While the threat of invasion by a foreign land is a reality for nations throughout human history, many threats are either […]

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