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Major Syrian Politician Reveals: The United States Government Is Still Backing Terrorists To Continue Violence In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat A major Syrian politician, Bashar al-Jaafari, recently revealed that the United States is still backing terrorists in Syria to continue violence in the region. As we read in a report from Sana: Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said that Western states, particularly the United States, are working to prolong […]

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Russia Pulls Out Of Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

In October 2018, President Trump announced his intentions to pull out of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a sign which we warned indicates the likelihood of war in the future. Nearly five months after this, Russia has responded by also withdrawing from the INF treaty, likewise signaling her intentions of preparing for a coming […]

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Evil Drug Cartel Family Who Made Millions Destroying People’s Lives Trying To Hide Under Bankruptcy Laws

The violence of the drug cartels comes in many forms. While the most well-known is that of guns and bloody violence, it also can come with volumes of legal documentation and the signing of a pen by men in suits. It is this latter form that has been the most insidious with the creation of […]

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Cannibal Couple Jailed For Murdering And Eating Thirty People Over Two Decade Period

In September 2017, we reported on the case of a cannibal couple in Russia who was arrested on charges of having murdered thirty people over a two decade expanse of time. Among the horrible discoveries that police investigators made were human body parts on food platters, preserved in salt, and canned in jars, as well […]

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Thirty-Two People Slaughtered In Nigeria By Islamic Terrorists

Violence in the northern regions of Nigeria at the hands of Islamic terrorists continues without the least seeming end in sight. In a recent bout of violence, thirty-two people lost their lives at the hands of a bout of attacks by Islamic terrorists according to a report: Fresh violence broke out in Kaduna yesterday as […]

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States Are Now Making It Hard For People With Lots Of Money To Leave

One of the famous sayings associated with the American Revolution was “no taxation without representation.” Having said this, the fact is that the American Revolution was far from being about liberating people from taxes, and almost immediately after the Revolution, the US went on a tax expansion that has continued without end. One of the […]

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