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State Of Colorado Drops Case Against Christian Man Who Refused To Make A Transgender Cake

The entire “cakes” issue continues to generate media attention, first for LGBT marriage and now for transgenderism. However, according to a recent development, the state of Colorado is dropping charges against a Christian baker who refused to make a “transgender cake”: Colorado has announced they are dropping their litigation against Christian baker Jack Phillips for […]

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While Trump Spends Billions Of Dollars Training Foreign Police And Armies, American Police In Rural Areas Are Impoverished And In War Zones

Much is said about the effects of “illegal immigration” on America. However, what one seldom hears about is not only how this is an intentional creation of US policy, but how the same mindset behind these policies devastate local American communities in ways not related to immigration but based on the same philosophy that the […]

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Protests Explode Across Algeria With Talk Of Another “Arab Spring” Type Revolution

Algeria is a North African nation and former French colony that has fortunately been able to maintain stability in spite of the constant “revolutions” taking place throughout the Middle East. Now protests have come to Algeria with talk of another “Arab Spring” type revolution in the making according to a report: The recent demonstrations in […]

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French Government Opens Inquiry Into Persecuted Christians In Former Colony Of Algeria

In an interesting move from the French government, they have announced a formal inquiry into the state of Christian persecution within Algeria according to a report: The French Parliament has officially opened an inquiry into the persecution of Christians in Algeria. The inquiry specifically points to Algeria’s closure of churches and legal proceedings held against […]

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Major Islamic Group In Indonesia Demands End To Use Of The Word “Infidel” Because They Say It Is Offensive To Christians

It is true that Islam is a false religion, but the law of God is written on the hearts of man, and men can and do continue to seek the truth. In Islam, those who do not believe in it are called “infidels,” and in the theological sense they are allowed to be mistreated, abused, […]

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Kurdish Nationalists Are Killing Assyrians While The West Praises The Kurds As Our Allies

By Theodore Shoebat While Western political and media outlets want you to think of the Kurdish nationalists are our friends, what they never talk about is how Kurdish militants are murdering Christians. As we read in a report from Anadolu: Despite the continued killing of Assyrian Christians in Syria, journalists, writers and politicians continue to […]

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Intense Fighting In Syria As Syrian Forces Kill Scores Of Terrorists In Big Mission To Purge Syria Of Rebel Forces

By Theodore Shoebat Syrian military forces have reportedly eliminated scores of terrorists as part of a major mission to purge Syria of terrorism, as read from a report in Sana: Army units operating in Hama northern countryside inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in the personnel and equipment in retaliation to their frequent breaches of the […]

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Israel Fires Shells Into Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Israel just recently fired shells into Syria, as we read in a recent report from the Jerusalem Post: IDF forces shelled the Druze town of Hader in the Syrian province of Quneitra, Syrian media reported on Sunday night. Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that the IDF had struck positions […]

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