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the khashoggi murder oven

Saudi Government BUSTED Incinerating Jamal Khashoggi’s Body In Giant Oven At Residence Of The Saudi General Consulate In Turkey And Then Tried To Cover It Up With A Giant Barbecue

The Jamal Khashoggi murder has been an explosive source of fighting between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. As I noted, it may have been part of a plot to take down Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in favor of his older relatives. As more details of the case come out, things are not looking good […]

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what happens in the sacrifice of the mass

The Fulfillment Of Major Biblical Prophecy On The Antichrist Draws Near As Jesuits In The Vatican Openly Conspire To ABOLISH The Eucharist

Many different anti-Catholic groups and individuals enjoy creating elaborate theories and schemes to justify their particular beliefs as to why the Church is the “anti-Christ.” Whether it is ridiculous claims over dubious theological ideas, cults of personality, or both inane and insane theories rooted in historical fiction and personal fancy, there is scarcely an untouched […]

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Buddhist Nationalist Terrorists Kidnap Christian Pastor For Helping Muslim Refugees

It is good to desire the best and seek the best for one’s nation, as much as it is good for one to protect one’s people from truly hostile actions by men with evil intentions. However, too often is the name of “patriotism” used as a shield for evil intentions and seeking power without respect […]

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Man Arresting For Sodomizing Fourteen Toddlers In Church Daycare

While most often used to define male-on-male penetration, the definition of sodomy in the legal and classical sense involves many types of such unnatural and related behavior. Such was the case of a volunteer in a church daycare who was arrested for engaging in sodomitic activity with fourteen toddlers, including touching their genitals and engaging […]

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