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The Chinese Government Is Blocking Millions Of Its Own Citizens From Traveling

By Theodore Shoebat Millions of Chinese citizens have been blocked by their government from traveling, due to China’s despotic “social credit” system. Millions have been prevented from purchasing plane and train tickets on account of unpaid taxes or other violations, making for a sort of modern caste system. As we read in a report from […]

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Watch The Video Of Devil Worshiping Drug Cartel That Practices Cannibalism Battling For Control Over Town That Rescue Christians Is Helping

Rescue Christians has been working with locals in the town of Apatzingan, Michoacan, Mexico to help the people affected by the drug cartels. We have helped to build a pharmacy for the poor there and are currently working on another project to aid the children whose families have been destroyed by the cartels (details will […]

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Student Becomes Inspired After Watching “Silence Of The Lambs” Film Over And Over, Takes A Hammer And Murders His Classmate, Chops His Body Up In The Bathtub, Then Carefully Cuts Out His Liver And Eats It

Music, movies, and other forms of entertainment can portray many things, be they good or bad. It is necessary to discuss a broad diversity of things because the reality of life includes the beautiful as well as the horrible. However, it is a good reminder that while focus is important, too much focus on a […]

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Giant Organ Inside Of Ancient French Church Going Back To The Days Of The Roman Empire Completely Vandalized

With the rise of French nationalism in sentiments not seen since the French Revolution with the “Yellow Vests” in combination with the increasing power of Islam as well as the known use of Islam as a political tool of manipulation, it will be important to pay attention to anti-Christian violence in that nation. There has […]

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New Jersey Supreme Court Chief Justice Sides With Atheist Group, Declares That Churches Cannot Receive Tax Money For Any Reason At All

An important component of future anti-Christian activity will be the expropriation of property using tax laws as an excuse. This would most seriously affect the Catholic Church but will eventually target all churches with equally devastating consequences, and this is the ultimate end since it would be used to “legally” take down religion in the […]

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The European Union Is Financing The Breakdown And Splitting Of Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The European Union is supporting the nationalist Catalan separatist movement. This is evinced by the fact that the EU finances a major pro-Catalan separatist think-tank called, and that it was Germany (the leading country of the European Union) who twisted Spain’s arm not to charge the leading figure of the Catalan separatist […]

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