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angry millennials

Recent Poll Confirms What We Have Been Saying- Millennials And Gen Z Love Socialism And Want More

Millennials and Gen Z have professed their open and abundant love of socialism. With their numbers growing in presence in the economy and society and taking power from the Boomers and the last remnant of the Silent generation, their voice will influence the nation for generations to come. A recent poll has confirmed this warning, […]

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Catholic Archbishop Declares ‘Any Catholic Politician Who Votes For Infanticide Is On The Path To Hell’

While many have focused on the necessary and deserved criticism of the Church hierarchy, there have been more priests and bishops who are slowly speaking up. One of them in Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, who said that any politician who claims to be Catholic but is supporting infanticide is on the way to […]

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Obama Did Not Pay For Your Mortgage, Trump Did Not And Will Not Build The Wall, And Andrew Yang Is Absolutely NOT Going To Give You $1000 A Month

The cheering for Andrew Yang among many former Trump supporters should be of concern to the entire US. The issue is not so much one of what kind of socialism, but what emphasis, for the difference between national socialism (Nazism) and international socialism (Communism) is but one of emphasis. The former emphasizes blood and soil, […]

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South African Court Orders Christian Denomination To Accept Homosexuality

The difference between religious teachings and government has been a consistent issue throughout Christian history. However, as the tension increases between the two, serious problems have been appearing, and not just in the US, as the issue is not one of nation but of principle, something that crosses all nations. In an interesting situation in […]

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Elliot Abrams

The Person Who Trump Has Chosen To Be In Charge Of Venezuela Is A Ruthless Mass Murderer

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration appointed Elliot Abrams to be in charge of US policy in Venezuela. Looking at Abrams’ history, it would not be adventuresome to say that Trump has appointed a war criminal and murderer. Elliot Abrams was chosen by the Reagan administration to be assistant secretary of state for human rights; […]

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