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Dutch Hackers Expose Massive Secret Chinese Government Database Tracking “Breed Ready” Women

The Chinese government is filled with god-hating atheists who view men as nothing more than animals that they believe they can farm for their own benefit. They are but one example of the legal application of darwinism as state policy, and its consequences are as horrible as they are strange. While the Chinese government has […]

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church in egypt

Egyptian Government Legalizes 156 Churches

Christians have suffered persecution in Egypt for centuries. In recent years they have suffered tremendously due to the influence of ISIS and other groups, which have aggravated already difficult circumstances. However, there has been good news out of Egypt, where the government recently legalized 156 churches according to a report: On Tuesday, the Egyptian government […]

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kotka finland

Iraqi Man Beats His Friend To Death, Then Cuts The Body Into Pieces, Covers The Pieces With Spices, And Cooks Them

Violent and disturbing crimes have been on the rise throughout the world. In a recent story out of Finland, an Iraqi man beat a friend to death in what appears to have been an argument. However, what he did next has shocked many people, including Finnish police, as the man proceeded to cut up his […]

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New Mexico Governor Claims To Be Catholic, Declares That She Loves Infanticide And Wants To See More Baby Murderers Get Jobs

When one uses the term “Catholic” in the US, one needs to distinguish immediately and carefully by a series of questions what one actually means. In the recent past, this problem was not so pressing, as to be a Catholic meant to hold a series of clearly-defined values and beliefs in accordance with a particular […]

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Maryland House Of Representatives Votes To Legalize Murdering Sick People

There is nothing humane about “euthanasia,” but it is simply the legalization of murder for people deemed undesirable in society. It will be said to show “compassion” for the sick, but compassion involves comforting people as they are dying, not murdering them or encouraging them to commit suicide. Many nations in Western Europe and now, […]

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It Looks Like The Blackout In Venezuela Is Part Of An American Cyber-attack To Get The Country To Revolt Against Maduro

By Theodore Shoebat Venezuela is going through a horrendous blackout. The US backed opposition leader, Juan Guaido, has already said that he will be declaring a “state of national emergency” in a special session of parliament on Monday. Over the weekend parts of Venezuela were stuck without power and 70% went through an outage last week. […]

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