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Senegalese Migrant School Bus Driver In Italy Crashes His Bus, Turns To The Students And Declares “Stop The Massacres At Sea- I’ll Carry Out A Massacre -None Of You Would Get Out Alive” And Then Sets The Bus On Fire

Fortunately none of the students were injured, and the driver was arrested, but part of the incident was caught on tape in Italy as a Senegalese migrant bus driver threatened to massacre the students of the bus he was driving in retaliation for the “massacres” of migrants coming from Africa and the Middle East to […]

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Supreme Court Building

Supreme Court Vastly Broadens Government Powers To Detain Migrants Indefinately

In what is being regarded as a victory for Trump as continuing a case began by Obama, the Supreme Court has expanded the powers of government to detain migrants indefinately and without a hearing for crimes long since committed in the past according to a report: The U.S. Supreme Court, narrowly divided along ideological lines, […]

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Catholic Journalist Ordered For Interrogation By British Police For “Misgendering” A Sodomite During A Television Debate

It was once said that the “sun never sets on the British Empire.” The sun set a long time ago, and the nation has been continuing to drift into darkness of its own creation, as the nation has for the greater part abandoned Christianity and God and returned to paganism, and embraced as such all […]

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furhrer mile

Germany Declares It Will Abandon Her NATO Spending Commitments

One of the warning signs of a future war is something which Trump has been promoting, which is the public declaration that she must “pay her fair share” and should take a greater responsibility for herself in Europe. This is what both want, as it is loosening the post-World War II shackles imposed upon her […]

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