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Major Figure In The Banking Industry Calls For Huge US Military Invasion Of Venezuela

By Theodore Shoebat A major economist, Ricardo Hausmann, has exhorted the United States to do a World War Two D-Day style military invasion of Venezuela. In an article written by Hausmann, he writes: As solutions go, why not consider the following one: the national assembly could impeach Maduro and the Ofac-sanctioned, narco-trafficking vice-president, Tareck El […]

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Turkish Tyrant Erdogan Declares That He Has The Legal Power To Turn The Hagia Sophia Back Into A Mosque

President Erdogan of Turkey has made no secret of his desire to revive the Ottoman Empire and if possible, to crown himself the new sultan of it. In response to the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, President Erdogan has spoken ominously about the Hagia Sophia, making recent statements reinforcing ones previously made, but now more […]

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Government Of Estonia Declares That It Wants To Use Artificial Intelligence As Court Judges

Artificial intelligence technologies are taking over life more with each passing year, and actively pose a serious threat to the future because they are non-human objects being used to substitute for humanity in decision making. A program can be very complex, but no program can ever understand concepts such as mercy, love, compassion, or principle, […]

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American Jehovah’s Witnesses Cult BUSTED Covering Up Thousands Of Child Molesters For Decades

Sexual abuse is a problem in all places and all cultures and passes to all religious denominations. However, much focus has been on the Catholic Church when the reality is that abuse is absolutely far more common, in terms of numbers and in likely scale, among other Christian denominations. According to a recent report, the […]

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Catholic Spokesman Warns That Being Catholic Could Become A Hate Crime In Scotland

There are many things which the Catholic Faith teaches, and as the Faith comes from God, its tenets are superior to the laws of any nation in so far as Faith and morals are concerned. As a result, various parts of the Faith have been attacked by governments throughout history depending on the particular tenet […]

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