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Thousands Of Refugees From Venezuela Break Down The Borders And Flood Into Colombia

The interference into Venezuela’s government and the subsequent destruction of it has caused a massive influx of displaced persons. In a recent story, thousands of refugees have overrun the border into Colombia according to a report: Thousands of Venezuelans broke through barricades along the international border with Colombia on Tuesday, according to the migration office […]

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Statue Of Blessed Virgin And Child Jesus Smashed At Church

A statue of the Blessed Virgin holding the child Jesus was smashed in the face with significant damage at a Catholic Church in Connecticut according to a report: A statue of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary in front of a downtown church was badly damaged by a vandal over the weekend. The head of […]

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Saudi Arabia Sets New Record In Weapons Purchases Over Last Two Years, 70% Of All Weapons Now Come From The US

Many people have discussed the connection between terrorism and weapons trafficking, yet is a known fact that many times, government themselves are the largest traffickers of arms. This was proven true recently as over the last two years, the Saudi Arabian government has gone on a weapons-purchasing spree, buying records numbers and now purchases approximately […]

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Northern Ireland Soccer Fans Caught Singing “We Hate Catholics” On Video

For many years, Catholics and Protestants in Ireland fought, with the former in the south and the latter in the UK-governed north. While the fighting has generally subsided for now, the centuries-long tensions rooted in ethnicity and nationalism going back to the days of the Protestant Revolution still persist and could explode at any time. […]

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