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Housing Market Bears Striking Semblance To Pre-Crash Patterns From The Early 2000s

In February 2019, I warned that it is 2003 all over again, and that so few seem to notice or care. One of the signs I remember from 2003 was a booming housing market, which lead up to a terrible bust as Bush was leaving in 2007/2008. The same pattern seems to be happening again, […]

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It Is Not Possible To Plant Any Seeds Without Having Done All Of The Preparatory Work

Plants grow and blossom in summer, but the actual planting season is in spring, when the seeds are laid into the soil and having been given water, sunlight, the right temperatures, and enough nutrition, sprout into living plants and from there become the many different forms which they take. Be they weeds or good seed, […]

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Ben Shapiro And Other “Conservatives” Are Lauding Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg, the Democrat contender whose last name means “the king of cocks,” is receiving praise not just from Democrats, but conservatives as well, including the lauded commentator Ben Shapiro: He’s called the “Green New Deal” a “sound framework” for confronting climate change. He’s called for abolishing the Electoral College and has endorsed the idea […]

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Sodomite Couple Sentenced To Decades In Jail For Raping Boy Sixteen Times

A sodomite couple was sentenced to thirty-eight years in jail for carrying out a “campaign of rape” against a teenage boy where they used him as their “plaything” after plying him with drugs and alcohol for years: A depraved couple who groomed a young boy for sex and carried out a ‘campaign of rape’ against […]

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