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Trump Starts “Gay Pride” Month Of June As He Declares His Support For Sodom, Says He Will Work To Compel All Nations Around The World To Submit To Sodom

June is “Gay Pride” Month. In celebration of all things Sodom, President Trump make an early start as he declared his support for Sodom with a tweet in praise of the LGBT and all things sodomitic, and said that he would work on a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. The Tweet is […]

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Christian “Bishop” And “Pastor” Claims Renuzit Air Freshener Exorcizes Demons As It Makes The Room Smell Nice

Scam televangelists are common throughout history. Modern times have seen many of such charlatans who in the name of Christianity will peddle insane ideas or products to deceive people for their own financial benefit, or because of objectively held but gravely wrong ideas. There was the charlatan Peter Popoff and his “miracle spring water”: The […]

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There Are As Many Muslims In France As There Are Catholics Under Thirty

While the term “dying” is used frequently by political groups to rally for various causes, especially in Europe, there is a degree of truth about this that can be said for France. The nation with a formerly long Christian history has for centuries fought against her past and has tried to annihilate it for political […]

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Utah Man Gets Drunk, Murders His Five-Year-Old Niece And Then Licks Her Blood Off Of His Hands

A man in Utah was arrested after he admitted he intoxicated himself, then murdered his five-year-old niece, and licked her blood off of his hands according to a report: An attorney for a man charged with murder in the death of his 5-year-old niece has told police where he hid her body, his lawyer said […]

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State Of Alabama Introduces Law To Chemically Castrate Sex Offenders

Sexual assault is not good, especially of children, and there are severe punishments in the law for those who do such things. One of the most severe punishments in the Sex Offender Registry, which marks a person for life as a sex offender if he is convicted and regardless of the nature of the offense. […]

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MTV Produces First “Gender Fluid” Dating Show

It is estimated in some parts of the country that up to 25% of Zoomers are sodomites. This is a reflection of the trend that choosing to engage in the sin that is tied to the sexual abuse of children, spreads deadly and incurable diseases with life-long consequences, “cries to Heaven for vengeance” and brought […]

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Federal Government Is Treating Good Samaritans Helping People Who Are Almost Dead With A “Zero Tolerance” Policy

What would you do if you saw a dying man? Would you help him? Even if he was an illegal? This is the question that some Good Samaritans are being forced to think about as the Federal government has been cracking down on people helping people crossing the US border, either by leaving food and […]

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New AI Program With Massive Potential To Reshape Society Claims To Match Porn Actors With Photos On Social Media

Many people will attempt to change their names to hide their identities, especially if they have a questionable past. People in the “adult” industry are known for doing this, especially women, because while some become “famous,” most do not and they want to forget about this part of their lives and move on. Yet a […]

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Democrat Governor Of Louisiana Just Effectively Banned Abortion And Calls On All Democrat Governors To Do The Same

By Theodore Shoebat Democrat governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has joined other states in making it very difficult to have abortions and has signed into law a heart beat bill. Unborn children can have a heartbeat at six weeks, a time when many women don’t even know that they are pregnant. Edwards exhorted all […]

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Ten Catholic Priests Have Been Murdered So Far In 2019

Violence against Christians around the world continues to rise. So far ten Catholic priests have been murdered, and if the rate continues, it may surpass the previous year according to a report: 2019 is a bloody first half for Catholic priests. Through a balance of the news of the 5 months that have elapsed this […]

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Pope Francis presides over a Mass for the ordination of Monsignor Peter Brian Wells and Monsignor Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, Saturday, March 19, 2016.  (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

Pope Francis Declares That Migrants Should Not Be Blamed For All Of Society’s Ills, And That Doing This Is A Sign Of Moral Decline

Pope Francis recently stated that migrants in Europe should not be blamed for all of society’s ill, and that blaming them is a sign of moral decline according to a report: A day after the European Parliament elections, Pope Francis issued his annual message on migrants and said the attitude that they are the source […]

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California Confession Bill Passes State Senate

One week ago, covered the issue of a bill in the California State House that would attempt to force priests to break the seal of the confessional on pain of going to prison. This would effectively be a way to attempt to shut down the functions of the Church in the state. The bill […]

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Baptist Church In Texas Says That God Wants Them To Have Homosexual Weddings

By Theodore Shoebat  The University Baptist Church In Waco, Texas, has recently said that God wants them to have sodomite weddings. On the official website of the church it says that the congregation wanted homosexual weddings, and that they then prayed to God and then got (somehow) confirmation from God to do this perversity: Four […]

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Muslim Mob Attacks Christians And Burns Christian Shops In Kenya

Disputes between Christians and Muslims in Kenya have lead to violence many times. Another recent round of violence happened where Christians were attacked and their property, which included shops and churches, were vandalized or burned following a dispute with Muslims according to a report: Nearly two weeks ago, a disagreement between Muslims and the local […]

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World Health Organization Removes Genital Self-Mutilation As Mental Disorder, And Why This Is A Sign That Christianity May Be Eventually Classified As A “Mental Illness”

The World Health Organization has just removed “transgenderism” as a mental disorder according to reports: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has passed legislation that will no longer categorise being transgender as a mental health condition. The move has been said to have the potential to ‘liberate’ trans and non-binary people worldwide, making the route to […]

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Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Touches Ten-Year-Old Girl In A Creepy Way And Tells Her “I’ll Bet You Are As Bright As You Are Good Looking”

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a long history of “creepy” behavior towards women and girls. He does not discriminate, for Biden is truly an equal opportunity creeper, as he does not care about age or race when acting in a predatory manner. In a recent incident, the Presidential hopeful told a ten-year-old girl “I’ll […]

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