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Drug Cartel Assassins Describe Feeding People To Wild Animals And Torturing Them With Fire, Says He Took A Six-Year-Old Girl, Dismembered Her Alive Piece-By-Piece In Front Of Her Parents, Then Burned Her Body In A Barrel Before Doing The Same To Her Parents

The stories of horror from the drug cartels of Mexico never cease to end, and so few discuss them in spite of Mexico being so close to the USA. While many people will worry about ISIS or “migrants crossing the border,” the more one reads the stories of the horrors that is everyday life in […]

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The Jewish Nazi Who Loved Murdering His Own People

By Theodore Shoebat There is a common trope that says that Jews cannot be Nazis. But what this trite way of talking ignores is that Darwinism and racism is not limited to only one race, but can be done by all races and peoples. An example of a Jewish Nazi that is very little talked […]

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mayor bill de blasio

NYC Mayor DeBlasio Declares He Will Enter The 2020 Election For The Democrat Party

It is highly likely that Trump will win in 2020, as the Democrats have not put forth a serious presidential contender against Trump yet. Adding to this story is Mayor DeBlasio of New York City, who declared he is going to enter the 2020 election as a Democratic Presidential contender: The campaign that nobody asked […]

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Christian Woman Says She Cannot Find A Husband Among Millions Of Both Gainfully Employed And Sexually Frustrated Young Men

A recent article on the state of marriage and family discussed from a 32-year-old woman how she cannot find a mate for dating, marriage, and family: We are living in a unique time in history. Never has politics been so polarised, never has mainstream society come so near to amorality (although Nero’s Rome came close), […]

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