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To Reject Universalism Is To Reject Christ

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat  Outside of the edifice where the children of Abraham were to spill the blood of lambs for propitiation, there stood a precinct hundreds of yards wide, a place divinely made to be one of prayer. But contemplation was not exhorted for, but rather exploitation. For in the premises of the […]

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Japan Starts Divesting From Iranian Oil Purchases, Shifts Resources To Oman

Japan is one of many nations that buy oil from Iran. Now the East Asian power is divesting her interests from Iran and into Oman according to reports: Japanese refiners are tapping more oil from the Middle East after the United States ended all waivers from sanctions on Iran starting from this month. Fuji Oil […]

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College Female Student Arrested And Charged For Assaulting Man Protesting Abortion

People who support murdering unborn babies are like sodomites in so far as both are sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance and because of that, both are inclined to physical violence in spite of claims to the contrary. A woman at UNC was recently arrested for assaulting a man protesting abortion and the […]

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Christian Pastor Declares There Will Be A ‘Move Of The Holy Spirit’ Among Former Sodomites Where They Will Use The “Gift Of Homosexuality” To Oppose Laws Banning “Gay Conversion Therapy”

Sodomy is one of four sins that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. The city of Sodom was destroyed as a sign from God for all time as to the evil of this sin. However, according to one Christian pastor, not only is homosexuality a “gift” from God, but that God is preparing a ‘move […]

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Major Leader Of The Iranian Military Makes This Warning To The United States: “If The Americans Make A Move We Will Hit Them In The Head.”

By Theodore Shoebat A major leader of the Iranian military, Amirali Hajiadeh, made this warning to the United States: “If [the Americans] make a move we will hit them in the head.” According to a report from RT: The presence of US military might in the Gulf region has shifted from a being threat and is now […]

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