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Kenya’s High Court Upholds Ban On Sodomite Behavior

Many foreigners have been attempting to force the nations of Africa to submit to Sodom. In a victory from the continent, the nation of Kenya’s High Court ruled in favor of the ban on sodomite activity: Kenya’s high court on Friday upheld a law banning gay sex, keeping same sex relations punishable by 14 years […]

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One Quarter Of All Credit Card Debt Now Goes To Pay Necessary Expenses

The next major debt crisis is in the making, as pay rates have stagnated, expenses continue to rise, and the job outlook slowly decreases. Based on the current economic an political situation, there is a high chance of a serious economic crisis in approximately five years from now. When such a crisis does happen at […]

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Documents Reveal Russian Plan To Sow Discord In US

One of the points I have discussed is the use of terrorism as a vehicle of US policy in her international relations by supporting various nationalist groups and arming them with weapons and formal military training. However, the US is not particularly unique in this. Such techniques were used by both the British and the […]

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Matteo Salvini

There Is A Huge Statement That Was Completely Overlooked In Matteo Salvini’s Recent Campaign Rally

Italian Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini recently had a campaign rally, where many right-wing parties from Europe met and pledged their support to him, including Geert Wilders of Holland, the darling of the “counter-jihad” movement. At this rally, there was much talk of anti-immigration, “European values,” anti-Islam, and nationalism. Salvini ended his speech by declaring […]

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