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The Mexican Drugs Cartels Are An Extension Of American Foreign Policy

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat When we think of drug cartels, we automatically think of organized crime. But when we observe the realities that the US government worked directly with Mexican drug narcos to arm the Contras during the Cold War; that many Mexican narcos were trained by the US military; that US oil companies […]

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Army Tweet Unintentionally Backfires On Social Media

There is a serious potential for a major war in the next ten years. Trump is directly manufacturing the conditions for war, more so than what Obama did. On this Memorial Day weekend, and article came out in response to a US Army tweet that inadvertently backfired and instead of showing the prowess of the […]

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Sodomite-Loving Pentecostal “Church” Founded By A Sodomite On The PreP Payroll Hires A Psychic For Its Ministerial Staff

The unholy mixing of Christianity with paganism is a trend that continues to develop in the US. In a recent example of this, a Pentecostal church in Georgia has added a psychic to its ministerial staff: The Vision Church of Atlanta, Georgia, a progressive congregation, has added a psychic medium who claims to commune with […]

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RAND Corporation Puts Out Paper Entitled “Overextending And Unbalancing Russia”

The fall of Soviet communism and the breakup of the USSR into a series of autonomous republics did not end the cold war or the program actions that date back to the 19th century. Rather, it simply changed names and faces while retaining all of her former potency. has written about the Decline of […]

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