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The Fact That The City Of San Antonio Has Banned Chick-Fil-A Because It Supports Christian Marriage Shows That Homosexuality Is Part Of The System Of The Antichrist In Which Christians Will Not Be Able To Buy Or Sell

By Theodore Shoebat The city of San Antonio just recently banned Chick-Fil-A from its airport because it supports Christian marriage. Remember what the Scripture says about the system of the Antichrist: “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of […]

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France Jails Imam Over Migrant Crossings, Completely Ignores The Role Of Government In Causing The Problem

Migrant crossings have been a huge issue in Europe. According to a recent story, an imam has been jailed for helping migrants cross: French court has sentenced an imam to two years in prison for helping migrants try to cross the English Channel in inflatable boats. The 39-year-old Iranian national was accused of arranging several […]

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Seventeen Year Old Woman Commits Suicide At Dutch Euthanasia Clinic In The Name Of Mercy

There is nothing merciful about suicide, no matter how it happens. In an interesting case out of Holland, a seventeen-year-old woman murdered herself after struggling with depression according to a report: A Dutch teen decided to end her life through legal euthanasia after struggling with her mental health for years. Noa Pothoven, 17, died last […]

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facial recognition

Public Schools In The US Begin To Use Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology is employed by governments and corporations around the world and is becoming more popular as a means of social control. According to a recent story, the use has expanded to schools for the first time in the US: Next week, a school district in western New York will become the first in […]

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Lawyer Declares That The Assange Case Is Possibly The Most Important Journalism Case In Centuries

Jonathan Turley is a famous lawyer who also writes about legal affairs on his website. According to a recent article, he has declared that the Assange case is possibly the most important journalism case in centuries: Until now, President Donald Trump’s disturbing rhetoric against the media has been disconnected from actual moves against the media […]

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Catholic Bishop Of Rhode Island Declares: “Catholics should not support or attend LGBTQ ‘Pride Month’ events”

By Theodore Shoebat The Catholic Bishop of Rhode Island has been getting the ire of the sodomites after declaring that Catholics should not partake in any activities having to do with “Pride month” as we read in a report from Crux Now: Rhode Island’s Roman Catholic bishop on Sunday defended a tweet urging Catholics not […]

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