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Polish Priest Stabbed By Deranged Man Before Mass

A priest in Poland was stabbed by a deranged man before mass, who according to police said did not know the man and was “willing to attack any man in a cassock” according to a report: A Catholic priest in Wrocław is in stable condition after reportedly being stabbed before morning Mass on Monday, Polish […]

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China Starts Targeting Christians And Critics Of The Government Throughout The World

China is known for targeting people in the nation who it views as its “enemies.” Muslims and Christians alike have been targeted, as well as those involved in human rights. However, now it appears the government is now targeting such people throughout the world according to a report: Canada is currently studying China’s targeting of […]

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DARPA Developes New “Brain Chip” That Modifies Memory

“Brain hacking” has become popular in Silicon Valley as many people are seeking to expand the capacity of their minds in order to reach “new levels” of intelligence. This is a trend that is riding at the heels of the developments in artificial intelligence and robotics that , as Peter Diamandis has stated, will be […]

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AI Will Not Just Destroy The Viability Of Evidence, It Will Realize A Huxleyan Nightmare

Artificial intelligence technologies are finding many applications in social use. But one application is emerging strong, and that is the use of AI in catching people with algorithms in daily processes: Artificial intelligence is putting new teeth on the old saw that cheaters never prosper. New companies and new research are applying the cutting edge […]

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