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Nineteen More People Slaughtered In Burkina Faso

The African nation of Burkina Faso has experienced yet another terrorist attack, this time murdering nineteen people according to a report: Nineteen people died in an attack on a village in the troubled north of Burkina Faso, a security source said Monday. “Several dozen armed men carried out an attack on the district of Arbinda, […]

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Botswana Courts Legislate Homosexuality Into Law

The LGBT has made clear that they want to use their influence to sodomize the world in submission to their beliefs. Africa has been a major focus to them because of the strong opposition to the abhorrent practice on the continent in comparison to the rest of the world. In a recent court ruling, Botswana’s […]

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Islam Is On The Decline In Turkey- And That Is A Harbinger Of Great Evil To Come

Turkish President Erdogan’s term in office has been defined by proclamations of neo-Ottomanism and clear aspirations at grounding himself the new sultan of a revived Ottoman Empire. However, something also is happening in Turkey, which is in spite of the state-backed growth of Islam’s presence, an increasing secularism and atheism that has penetrated the entire […]

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Don’t Be Happy About The Rise Of Dutch Nationalism. The Movement Is Full Of Eugenics, Paganism And Anti-Christianity

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat What is occurring in Europe is a surge in political fanaticism, be it from the Left or the Right, with the rise of socialism, racialism, Darwinist thought and anti-Christian aspirations. We are currently witnessing the development of an ideological leviathan which will, once spawned and matured, have its jaws locked […]

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