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Intelligence Experts Declare: ‘There Is No Evidence That Iran Bombed The Tanker On The Gulf Of Oman.’

By Theodore Shoebat Intelligence experts recently declared that there is no evidence that Iran bombed the tanker on the Gulf of Oman, as we learn from Newsweek: The video was released a few hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared in a statement: “It is the assessment of the U.S. government that the Islamic […]

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Seventeen Hundred Child Sex Abusers And Abuser Enablers Arrested In Nationwide Crackdown

In positive news coming from the government, seventeen hundred child sex abusers and abuser enablers were arrested in a nationwide crackdown according to a report: The Department of Justice today announced the arrest of almost 1,700 suspected online child sex offenders during a two-month, nationwide operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. The […]

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Chinese Catholic Bishop Forced Into House Arrest By Evil Chinese Government Mysteriously Dies

A Chinese Catholic Bishop who has been a hero of the underground Church died while in house arrest by the Chinese government under mysterious circumstances according to a report: A heroic bishop of the underground Catholic Church in China has died under house arrest and will not be permitted a Catholic burial. Asia News reported […]

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Japanese Owner Of Attacked Ship In Oman Contradicts Official Amerikan Party Line

The US has insisted that it was Iranian mines which attacked a ship in Oman, but the Japanese owner of the ship has contradicted the “official” version of the story according to a report: or a moment on Thursday, it appeared that the US Navy had produced the ‘smoking gun’ to which Secretary of State […]

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