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jeff epstein

Nobody Is Discussing How The Epstein Case Could Be A Political 9/11 In Progress

The Epstein case is a major scandal. He is a convicted pedophile with a library of data tying him to sex trafficking as a pimp on behalf of wealthy American political and business elites. Epstein’s exploits have been known about for many years. The Pizzagate scandal during the 2016 election cycle, which one can read […]

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dmv phot

FBI And ICE Secretly Caught Scanning Drivers Licenses Of Hundreds Of Millions Of People

The US Constitution stipulated in the fourth amendment that no person will be subject to “unreasonable search and seizure”. But what is defined as “unreasonable”? The interpretation of the word seems to change regularly, and the protections of past years have disappeared with nearly each year. According to a recent expose by the Boston Globe, […]

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dilip trivedi

Major Hindu Leader Says That Christian Missionaries Are Evil Because They Oppose Hindu Nationalism has written for years on how Hindu nationalists are plotting to take power in India and commit genocide against all Christians and Muslims in their pursuit to establish a pure Hindu ethnostate, called the “Hindutva Bharat.” Violence against Christians on behalf of Hindu nationalists has turned India into one of the top ten most […]

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deutsche bank building

Deutsche Bank Slashed Eighteen Thousand Jobs Amid Massive Debt And Shaky Economic Conditions

The German megabank Deutsche Bank terminated the jobs of eighteen thousand people as reports came out showing her holding massive debts as the German economy continues to weaken according to a report: Deutsche Bank announced Sunday that it will pull out of global equities sales and trading, scale back investment banking and slash thousands of […]

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One Quarter Of Americans Have No Plans To Retire

In modern times, many Americans looked forward to retirement in their 60s. However, this is becoming a dream of the past as changes to the economy are forcing people to work longer hours for lower pay, reduced benefits, and due to the heavy levels of debt, are being forced to work their entire lives. Retirement […]

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san andreas fault

Southern California Rocked By Massive Earthquake

The largest earthquake in decades has rocked California, sparking concerns about potentially more serious future earthquakes and other geological activity according to a report: The largest Southern California quake in nearly 20 years jolted an area stretching from Sacramento to Las Vegas to Mexico as it cracked buildings, set fires, wrecked roads but only caused […]

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