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Church In India Attacked By Hindu Terrorists

A church in India was attacked by Hindu terrorists according to a report: The Sunday worship service at a house church in India’s Telangana state was recently disrupted and threatened by Hindu radicals. According to the pastor leading the service, this is the third Sunday in a row that the worship service has been disrupted […]

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Communist Chinese Government Is Paying People A MONTHS Salary To Spy On And Report Christians

The Chinese communist government, which hates Christians and Christianity, is now paying up to a thousand US Dollars, or approximately a month’s salary of wages, to spy on and report Christians according to a report: Authorities in Guizhou are incentivizing local residents to report illegal religious activities, according to China Aid. People who report members […]

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Christian Persecution Grows Massively In Nepal At The Hands Of Hindu Terrorists has note how it appears that Hindu nationalists are attempting to “experiment” with their ideas of imposing a Hindu ethnostate on the whole of the Subcontinent by using small nations and areas first. This follows a similar pattern used by European nationalists that one seems to observe taking place today. One of these nations […]

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