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Black Woman Attacks Hispanic Woman On Subway While Screaming “Go Back To Your Country”

Police are looking for a black woman who attacked a Hispanic woman on the subway while screaming “Go back to your country” according to a report: A woman riding a subway in the Bronx early Tuesday spewed anti-Hispanic rhetoric at another woman after snatching her construction helmet and beating her with it, police said. “Go […]

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Major Democrat Donor Arrested On Charges Of Human Trafficking And Revenge Porn

Major Democrat party donor Ed Buck has been arrested on human trafficking and revenge porn charges according to a report: Ed Buck, the California Democratic megadonor suspected in the deaths of two black men who suffered fatal crystal methamphetamine overdoses in his home 18 months apart, is now facing allegations of human trafficking and revenge […]

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The Chinese AI Surveillance State Is A Taste Of What Is Coming To The West

Vice Magazine recently produced a documentary about life in Xinjiang, China. The area is historically Muslim and in recent years has come under intense surveillance by the Chinese government as the communists are attempting to commit cultural and religious genocide against the Uighur peoples. Some will say that the approach China is taking is justified […]

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Supporters of ultra-nationalist groups shout slogans during a protest against recent Kurdish militant attacks on Turkish security forces, in Istanbul, Turkey, September 8, 2015. Kurdish militants killed 15 police officers in two bomb attacks in eastern Turkish provinces on Tuesday, a government official said, widening a conflict with the Turkish state. More than 40 Turkish warplanes hit Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets overnight in northern Iraq, where the group has bases, in response to Sunday's killing of 16 soldiers near the Iraqi border, the deadliest attack since a two-year-old ceasefire ended. Tuesday's bombing in Igdir province that killed 14 police officers in a minibus was the latest in a daily stream of attacks by the PKK on soldiers and police in eastern Turkey since fighting resumed in July. A separate bomb attack in southeastern province Mardin killed one police officer and wounded three others. REUTERS/Yagiz Karahan  - RTX1RPA8

Many Turks Hate Syrian Migrants. A Gang Of Turks Ransack A Syrian Owned Shop. When The Shop Owners Try To Rescue Their Store Another Turk Tells Them: “Don’t Come. They Want To Kill You.”

By Theodore Shoebat Racism in Turkey against Syrians is huge. There is a tremendous amount of racial tensions and its becoming trendy, something is that is reflected by the electoral victory in Istanbul for the Turkish nationalist party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), a political organization that is as old as Ataturk and which has […]

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Chinese Government Begins Violently Closing Catholic Churches

The Chinese government has made clear that it will tolerate no disagreement with the official atheistic position of the Communist party, and has vowed to exterminate religion at all costs. The Catholic Church has been severely affected, as now the government is moving forward with openly raiding and violently closing Churches according to a report: […]

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Amazon And Microsoft Vie For Contract Over Pentagon Cloud Data

Cloud website architecture is going to be very important in the coming years because it is directly connected to communication protocols for artificial intelligence machinery. He who controls “the cloud,” or at least parts of it, which need a base in physical servers, will become very wealthy and powerful. Many people associate Microsoft with computing […]

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