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jeff epstein

Jewish Child Raping Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Attorneys Argue That Epstein Needed A Second Passport To Hide The Fact That He Is A Jew

Jeffrey Epstein is a notorious pedophile whose actions weave a disturbing trail for investigators to follow. However, according to a recent argument from his attorneys, they have said that Epstein needed a second passport to hide the fact that he is Jewish: The attorneys for US financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sex trafficking, […]

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Islamic Terrorists On Motorbikes Gun Down Six People In Nigeria

Six people in Nigeria were gunned down by Islamic terrorists on motorcycles according to a report: At least six farmers were shot dead by suspected Boko Haram militants who attacked an area near Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri, security sources said on Thursday. The farmers were killed in Muna Dalti community, located about 6 kilometers […]

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Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg

Famous Israeli Pervert Rabbi And Kabbalist Claims He Was Offering “Kabbalistic Spiritual Treatments” When He Sexually Assaulted At Least Three Men’s Wives

Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg was a famous Rabbi and Kabbalist who offered “Kabbalistic spiritual treatments” to his students and was well-respected and trusted by many. In what has become a major scandal, the Rabbi was using this as a cover to earn their trust in order that he could get close to other men’s wives so […]

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Major Jewish Rabbis And Scholars Declare That Homosexuality “Is A Natural Thing”, Homoerotic Love Is Permitted, And Sodomite Relationships Must Be Accepted

Major Jewish Rabbis and Scholars have come out in a recent declaration saying that according to Jewish Halakhic law, homosexuality is natural, homoerotic love is permitted, and that homosexuality must be accepted by Jews according to a report: In contrast to the rabbinic voices heard on the LGBT level , there are other, but much […]

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