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Evangelical Megachurch Facing Major Lawsuit Over Sexual Abuse

A church in Texas is facing a million dollar lawsuit after sexual abuse was exposed in what is being called the most high profile case yet among the Southern Baptists according to a report: A woman who said she was sexually abused as a child by a pastor at one of the country’s most prominent […]

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New AI Models So Advanced That Most People Online Can Now Be ‘De-Anonymized’

It is said that privacy does not really exist on the Internet, and this is true. However, new developments in AI research on data mining have reportedly been able to get to such a point that now many posters can be identified by their various characteristics and thus be “de-anonymized” according to a recent study: […]

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Border Patrol Arrests American Born Citizen, Throws Him In A Jail Cell For Almost A Month, Tells Him ‘You Have No Rights’, When Caught They Say It Was His Fault

The US-Mexican border is an often politicized issue, and under the Trump administration it has become much more so of the same. While it is important to provide border security, most of the issues with the border are due to intentional political and economic manipulation orchestrated by the government for various foreign policy and social […]

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US Fertility Rates Drop To The Lowest Levels Ever

The future of any nation is found in the people who inhabit it. Fewer people means a weaker future. According to the latest statistics, American fertility rates, even including immigration, have reached all time lows according to a report: The general fertility rate in the United States continued to decline last year, according to a […]

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