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Kenyan Muslims Help Save Twenty Christians From An Attack By Islamic Terrorists

Muslims in Kenya received word that the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabaab was going to attack a group of about twenty Christians, and so they informed them of what was coming before it happened according to a report, and they also helped the Christians get to safety: Muslims are said to have warned 20, mostly Christian […]

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American Man Charged With Murdering His Girlfriend, Sawing Her Head And Body Open, Then Taking Pieces Of Her Brain, Heart, And And Lungs, Cooking Them And Eating Them

An American man has been charged with a horrible crime. It is reported that he murdered his girlfriend and after doing so, used power tools to saw her body open, remove parts of her brain, lung, and heart, and then cook and eat them according to accusations from prosecutors: A man accused of devouring his […]

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Turkish Government Warns The US That It Will Invade Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey has threatened a further invasion of Syria if the US does not lift its sanctions. As we read from Al-Monitor: Tensions between NATO allies Turkey and the United States continue to simmer this week as Ankara uses the threat of an incursion into Syria and Washington weighs economic sanctions to pressure […]

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The Migrant Crises, Jean-Claude Juncker And The Project To Revive Militarist Nationalism In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Jean-Claude Juncker, the soon to be former head of the European Union, was also once the Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 1995 to 2013. His long position in office ended after a conversation leaked out that linked him to a series of twenty bombings in Luxembourg that were done by members of […]

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