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(Left) William Bustillos and to the right is Joseph Suder

Satanists In Ohio Rape Five Year Old Boy In Satanic Ritual And Film The Rape. Now Police Are Saying That There Are Hundreds Of Photos Of Victims Being Raped By The Satan Worshippers, Even A One Year Old Boy

By Theodore Shoebat and Andrew Bieszad  A circle of satanists raped a five year old boy in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a satanic ritual and filmed the evil act. Police have said that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of photos of victims by this cult. One of the evildoers, William Bustillos III, confessed to authorities that he sodomized […]

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photo cover red heifer


(Above: Mount Omar Project in Mecca Arabia. Below: Ishtar Gate, Ancient Babylon) By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) *Note: there will be two Sunday Specials in a row since the theme will be lost unless you examine both. Another Sunday Special will follow tomorrow to keep both lessons as one whole study. These two lessons […]

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Vatican Considers Canonizing Three Iraqi Christians After Martyrdom By Islamic Terrorists

The canonization process in the Catholic Church is very special because those who are canonized are holy people and their life is evidence of their holiness. Canonization is much an acknowledgement of holiness as it is a model for inspiration for the faithful striving for holiness in a world where it many times would seem […]

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Islamic Terrorists Murder Eleven Construction Workers In Nigeria

Islamic terrorists from a group calling itself the Islamic State West Africa attacked and murdered eleven construction workers in part of the ongoing conflict in that region according to a report: Gunmen from an IS-affiliated jihadist group on Tuesday shot dead 11 local construction workers in northeast Nigeria, a militia leader and resident told AFP. […]

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Christian Bible Translator Hacked To Death With Machetes, Wife Has Her Arm Cut Off By Terrorists

A Christian Bible translator was hacked to death with machetes, and his wife’s arm was hacked off but she survived in what is believed to be an attack by Fulani Islamic terrorists according to a report: A Bible translator in Cameroon was butchered to death on Sunday morning during an overnight attack while his wife’s […]

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If The US Government And Its Corporate Partners Are Willing To Exploit And Mistreat Migrants Because They Can Get Away With It, Imagine What They Would Do To US Citizens If They Could Away With It

In the United States there is a horrendous exploitation that has been taken place upon migrants, in which migrants are made to be put through detention centers where they work for $1 a day, or at times for no money at all, all so that private prison systems can make maximum profits. They say slavery […]

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Will Fighting Start Again Between Russia And Georgia?

Back in 2004, Russia and Georgia had a small war over the territory of South Ossetia, a large holding of land within Georgia leading towards Armenia. The conflict, which had its roots in pre-and-post-Soviet disputes, calmed down once again but was never put to rest. The two nations have continued to be unofficially at war […]

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jeff epstein

Epstein Pedophilia Case Is Being Dismissed

The infamous human trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was declared to be dead by authorities in his cell, has had the pedophilia case dismissed against him posthumously: A New York federal judge officially closed the criminal case against shamed former financier Jeffrey Epstein, it was announced on Thursday afternoon. Prosecutors previously requested US District […]

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Could Trump Lose In 2020?

The 2020 election is generally not going to be of much interest. However, as I have noted, the situation could change quickly with it because nothing is guaranteed with regard to political conditions, especially if Trump were to do something that could jeopardize his position in office. The Democrats may be in “miserable shape,” but […]

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Christian Ministry Insider Declares That ‘Evangelist’ Todd Bowman Is A Sodomite

Todd Bentley is a well-known Evangelical Protestant preacher as well as ‘evangelist’ behind the 2008 Lakeland Revival. Bentley was convicted as a teenager of sexually assaulting a boy, although later said he became a Christian and theoretically put that part of his past behind him. However, it seems this may not be so. It was […]

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Chinese Government Starts Arresting Protestors In Hong Kong

The Chinese government has began to arrest leaders in the protests taking place in Hong Kong according to a report: Just minutes after the arrest of Joshua Wong (as we detailed below), Andy Chan, the leader of the banned pro-independence Hong Kong National Party, has reportedly been detained whilst trying to board a flight to […]

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Men Are Avoiding Women At Work Because Of “MeToo”

Men are usually attracted to women regardless of the setting. However, especially in the workplace, there has been a growing skepticism of male-female interactions out of a fear of being accused of being a “rapist” according to a report: It looks like Mike Pence is quite the trendsetter. The US vice-president famously refuses to have […]

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Unsealed Government Documents Show Backpage Takedown Was A Fraud, May Have Worsened Human Trafficking Situation

There was a lot of shady things that went on However, there was also concern that the Backpage case was not really about what it claimed to stop. In a very revealing and interesting report from Reason magazine, an investigation into the story has uncovered that shutting down Backpage was done not just under […]

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