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While The Right Complains About Obama- Who Gave Lots Of Gun Freedoms -Ivanka Trump Pushes For More Gun Restrictions

There is much that can be criticized about Obama, but let it never be said that he restricted firearms. In fact, gun rights increased while under Obama’s watch. Trump promised to stand up for “gun rights,” but he has shown himself to do the opposite of that, going forward with a federal ban on “bump […]

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connor betts

The Ohio Shooter Was Wearing Symbols Of Satanism

The Ohio Shooter has been confirmed as Connor Betts, age 24 (source, source). More information continues to come out concerning him. However, one of the immediate things that one will notice is the pins on his shirt. I looked into this, and it appears that the patch on his shirt, “Against All Gods”, was put […]

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Scarcely Twelve Hours After Wal-Mart Texas Shooter, Now Another One In Ohio

In a quite interesting situation, there has been another mass shooting less than twelve hours after the Wal-Mart shooter in Texas, this time in Ohio outside of a bar. Nine people have so far been pronounced dead according to a report: Nine people were killed and dozens were hurt when a suspect wearing body armor […]

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Governor Of Texas Announces That The El Paso Shooter Will Be Prosecuted For Hate Crime

By Theodore Shoebat Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, has announced that the El Paso shooter who murdered 20 people and injured dozens of others, will be prosecuted for hate crime, as we read in a report from BBC: Officials have not offered a precise motive for the attack, which also left 26 injured, but El […]

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