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Barcelona. The lawless city.

Barcelona in the region of Catalonia has hit a record high number of murders – its last a Swedish woman found dead on Aug. 12 – placing it now as Spain’s most dangerous city. Spain was amongst the European countries with less killings and crimes until 2016 and has since risen steadily with a rapid […]

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Ominous Sign As Massive Buildup Of Chinese Troops On The Border Of Hong Kong Continues

The protests in Hong Kong have not stopped, and it appears that the Chinese government is preparing to take measures involving brute force to stop them. According to reports, Chinese military forces have been filmed assembling on the borders of Hong Kong while for weeks now they have been practicing military drills in what seems […]

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AI spy

Facial Recognition Technology Test Has Massive Failure, Matches 20% Of California Legislature With Wanted Criminals

Artificial Intelligence technologies are going to be used extensively in the future. One of those applications is attempting to detect criminal faces in a crowd. But how accurate will such technologies be, and will they unintentionally implicate innocent people? In an interesting and ironic twist, a test of a facial recognition system for criminals on […]

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Trump Administration Sets Record Deficit Spending

For a long time, people rightly accused Obama of having the worst deficit spending to date. This was a true statement. However, Trump has now take Obama’s place, with the worst deficit spending yet in American history: The federal government spent a record $3,727,014,000,000 in the first ten months of fiscal 2019 (October through July), […]

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Is Trump Losing His Mind?

I have frequently criticized President Trump’s actions, as his tenure in office has not been defined by what he promised to do, but too often by his doing the opposite of what he promised to do. While this is true with all presidents to some extent, Trump has been given an extraordinary opportunity given his […]

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