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Meth Addicted Mother And Her Boyfriend Celebrate Her Son’s One-Year-Old Birthday By Beating Him Over Three Dozen Times On The Head, Almost Two Dozen On His Legs, Pouring Hot Sauce Down His Throat And Holding Him Under Water And Sodomizing Him Until He Died

A woman in Alabama and her boyfriend, both addicted to meth, celebrated her son’s first birthday by putting him through what authorities described as “horror and pain” for thirty-six hours as they tortured the boy to death in a variety of cruel ways. Evidence showed 89 injuries, three dozen on his head and neck including […]

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ISIS Is Building A “Caliphate” From Inside A Refugee Camp In Syria

Terrorism is an extension of US foreign policy. This was fundamental to applying the template of Operation Gladio following World War II, where the governments of the Western world backed national socialist or Islamic terrorist groups in order to form a “hedge” against the USSR. At the same time, the USSR supported Socialist terrorist groups […]

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Major Verification Company Agrees With, Declares That “Deep Fake” Technologies Will Undermine The Viability Of Evidence And Have Radical Consequences For The Law has been warning for a long time now that artificial intelligence based “deep fake” technologies, which first appeared in public in adult photos and films, pose an existential threat to the future of evidence in a courtroom and the safety of the public. We have said that such technologies will be used and abused […]

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epa06061924 Participants shout slogans near Taksim Square during the Istanbul LGTB Trans Pride Parade, which was cancelled due to security concerns by the governor of Istanbul on 01 July, in Istanbul, Turkey, 02 July 2017. Transgender people and their supporters attempted to march in central Istanbul as part of the Trans Pride Week 2017, which is organized by Istanbul's 'Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals' (LGBT) solidarity organization.  EPA/SEDAT SUNA

Major “Christian” Cartoon Maker Declares That Christian Kids Shows Will Have To Address The LGBT

The influence of the LGBT is so tremendous at this point that it is likely a gross misunderstanding to portray it as a “movement” towards something to be accepted. With over 90% of Americans supporting sodomite relationship and the number continuing to climb as well as over 75% of support for sodomite “marriage”, it is […]

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