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Chinese Government Employing Artificial Intelligence, Spies, And Other Super Technologies Against Hong Kong Protests

The protests taking place right now in Hong Kong have provoked the wrath of the Chinese government and the attention of the world. It is well-known that in China, the Chinese government regularly uses artificial intelligence technologies, especially in the Xinjiang region of China, to monitor all of the citizens down to minute details. She […]

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Four Christians Arrested In Nepal For “Preaching Christianity”

Nepal is a small kingdom in the Himalayas where has reported that Hindu nationalists are attempting to test their social influence and “flex” their political muscle. In a disturbing but interesting event, four Christians were arrested and charged with the crime of “preaching Christianity” according to a report: According to The Annapurna Express, four […]

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venezuelan refugees

Refugees Around The World At The Highest Number Since World War II

The numbers of refugees around the world has reached the highest number yet since World War II at approximately 70 million people according to a report: The number of refugees in the world has hit a record of 70 million, the highest figure since World War II, according to the United Nations. People are fleeing […]

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Countless Numbers Of People Flood The Streets Of Hong Kong In Protest As Chinese Government Ominously Watches

The standoff between Hong Kong and mainland China gets more intense each day. With the former British enclave completely surrounded by Chinese military troops and now a “sea” of people flooding into the streets protesting and with the world watching, it is only one’s guess as to what will happen next according to a report: […]

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cover photo nuke and israeli flag

The Destruction Of The Jews In Bible Prophecy And The Triumph of Israel

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) The Destruction Of The Jews In Bible Prophecy And The Triumph of Israel? Yep. Sounds like a contradiction? Nope. It is a contradiction because you made it so. The Bible has no contradictions. Number 24:24 says that the “Hebrews will perish” and Numbers 24:18 says that: “Israel will be […]

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