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Chinese Government Boldly Declares American And European Businesses To Leave Her And Give Their Money To Japan

Now China did not come out and make this statement directly. However, a recent story from the Wall Street Journal equates to this as the Chinese government has declared a host of hundreds of new regulations on all foreign businesses, including the mandatory installation of AI cameras that send data to the Chinese government as […]

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No More Privacy As Amazon Openly Links Camera Doorbell Services To Hundreds Of Police Departments

Privacy has been in decline in the western world for a long time. However, it is approaching the point where people will voluntarily consent to being spied upon with cameras in their own homes. Such is the case with the new Amazon Ring doorbell, where the company has “partnered” with hundreds of police departments across […]

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A labourer stares at a fire that spread to the farm he work on next to a highway in Nova Santa Helena municipality in northern Mato Grosso State, south in the Amazon basin in Brazil, on August 23, 2019. - Official figures show 78,383 forest fires have been recorded in Brazil this year, the highest number of any year since 2013. Experts say the clearing of land during the months-long dry season to make way for crops or grazing has aggravated the problem. More than half of the fires are in the Amazon. (Photo by Joao LAET / AFP)        (Photo credit should read JOAO LAET/AFP/Getty Images)

The Real Reason There Is So Much Hype Around The Amazon: Its About Corporations

By Theodore Shoebat The fires in the Amazon rainforest are being hyped for industrial interests. Norway, angry that Bolsonaro has reduced funds to environmental NGOs, has reacted by refusing to send 30 million euros to the Brazilian government’s Amazon preservation department (Amazon Fund). Norway is the biggest funder to Brazil’s Amazon protection office, but is […]

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“Married” Female Sodomite Commits The First Ever Crime In Space

It is popular to “celebrate” all kinds of “first” things in America. Some of these can be good. But in the current age, it is popular to praise degenerate “firsts.” In keeping with this trend, we can announce that the first crime has been committed in space, likewise by a “married” sodomite woman, thus hitting […]

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The Future Of Millennials Is Poverty

Millennials are generally considered as those who were born between 1982 and 1995. All generations have their crises and problems, but the Millennial issue is particularly serious when it comes to economic matters. Born into an age of relative prosperity and coming of age into a horrendous, and possibly one of the worse (or the […]

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Gangs Of Jewish Pre-Teens Start SEVENTY Fires, Tell Police They Did It Because It ‘Excited’ Them

Major counter-jihad writers will talk incessantly about Muslims starting fires throughout Israel as a part of a ‘jihad’. However, in a major case reported on YNet, Israeli police have arrested two gangs of Jewish youths aged 10 to 12 years old who started between the two groups seventy fires throughout Israel. When confronted with their […]

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Americans Whose Vote Actually Matters For The Future Largely Want Socialism

The votes for all people are important, but some are more important than others. From a philosophical view, the perspective of those under 35 is vital since they are the demographic that most represents future trends. Middle aged and older people, while having valuable votes, generally continue with current trends, while the younger generations shape […]

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Trump Claims That China Called Him Begging To Restart Trade Talks

The US-China trade war-of-words continues with Trump declaring that China told him in secret she wants to restore trade relations, with China publicly denying that such a conversation ever took place: With Trump making it clear on Sunday night that he was staring at the plunging US equity futures in sheer horror, tweeting that “my […]

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Major Scientist Admits Is Right, Says That Cyborgs Are Going To Play A Major Role In The Future

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the trends that are moving today in the world. The world has always been a bustling crossroads of activity, filled with all kinds of stories and arguments, but never in human history as the interconnectivity in combination with the intensity and speed of motion, both unprecedented, […]

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Japan Agrees To Buy Excess US Corn That China Won’t Buy

In an interesting move, Japan has pledged to buy excess US corn supplies that China refuses to purchase in light of the trade war: President Donald Trump announced the U.S. and Japan have struck a preliminary trade deal on $7 billion worth of goods. The deal is expected to be formally signed in September, The […]

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Former Mormon Bishop Busted After Secretly Taking Photos Of Woman In Store Dressing Room

The Catholic Church is arguably the most reported on religious institution when it comes to sexual abuse. This is a good thing and a blessing from God as it allows for the Church to cleanse herself. But on a statistical level, the Catholic Church has been shown to be the proportionally lowest religious group in […]

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Hindu Terrorists Charged With Attempted Murder After An Attack Dozens Of Catholics On Pilgrimage

When Hindus claim violence by Muslims, they are quick to denounce it as terrorism and say they are against violence. However, their words are meaningless, as they are even quicker to dole out violence to people, especially the innocent, if they believe it advances their particular nationalistic agenda. Hindu nationalism is openly racist, xenophobic, and […]

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By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) Listen to the audio or continue reading what your scholars and guides never tell you about the earthquake that has already hit the Mount of Olives: Zechariah 14, Christ shakes the Mount of Olives splitting it from east to west and then moving one half southerly and the other […]

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Just In Time For The 2020 Election, Trump Starts Construction On Parts Of “The Wall”

Trump based his previous election in large part on promising to build a border wall. That did not happen, and when the election was over, only a minimum amount of work was done, mostly in the form of putting up props to show what a potential wall would look like, and which were ripped down […]

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