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There Is Indeed A Movement That Is Working To Get Society To Accept Cannibalism

By Theodore Shoebat There is indeed a movement that is working to get the society to accept cannibalism. One part of the Cannibal lobby is the Elderd Lab in Louisiana State University. In 2017, the Elderd Lab did a study on how cannibalism can help stop the spread of disease. The study was led by […]

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Right-Wing Hindu Terrorist Demands All Christian Centers Of Prayer In India Closed In The Name Of ‘Hindu Existence’

‘Hindu Existence’ is a code term used by Hindu nationalist terrorists to describe justification for nationalism as well as the genocide of non-Hindus. This term is tied to their use of the idea of “forced conversion,” which is another fraud and is used to falsely accuse Christian missionaries of “forced converting” Hindus to Christianity, despite […]

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Indian Government Calls Two Million People Living In Assam “Foreign Invaders,” Starts Process For Mass Deportations And Internment

The Indian government has been using the tension between the Hindus and Muslims to push for a revival of Hindu nationalism and to generate support for the mass murder of non-Muslims in the name of Hindutva ideology, which is a mixture of racialism and Hindu paganism. The government has been setting up internment camps throughout […]

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Argentine Government On The Edge Of Collapse Again Government Imposes Capital Control

Argentina has a history of economic and political crises. In what appears to be a growing political crisis, Argentina may be on the edge of yet another collapse as the government has moved to impose capital controls, a generally-recognized sign of a serious crisis: Argentina’s government imposed capital controls to halt a slump in foreign […]

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The Counter-Jihad Movement Just Completely Ignored How Muslims Allowed Christians To Use A Mosque To Hold A Funeral

There is a tremendous amount of violence against Christians committed by Muslims, and according to various Christian watch groups, make up approximately 75% of all violence against Christians. However, this should not be a call to brute violence, inciting hatred, or unbalanced responses. While fighting is sometimes necessary, it must be looked at as a […]

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