Archive | September 3, 2019


Major American Magazine Suggests That Cannibalism Is Fine Because Animals Do It

Animals do many things that are similar to humans. There is always the joke about how chimpanzees are so similar in actions and expressions to human beings. However, there are major differences between human beings and chimpanzees. For examples, aside from the obvious fact such as that the two are different species regardless of how […]

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Probe Against Sodomite Pastor Todd Bentley Goes International As Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Come From Pakistan

Todd Bentley has been shown to be a sodomite and sexual abuser, but now the allegations against him have gone international as accusations emerge from Pakistan according to a report: Sexual misconduct allegations against Fresh Fire USA leader Todd Bentley have now snowballed to include reports from victims overseas, according to Stephen Powell, the estranged […]

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Catholic Priest Stabbed To Death Just Over The US Border In Mexico

The city of Matamoros (“Muslim killer”) sits right across the border from the US city of Brownsville, TX. A Catholic priest was recently stabbed there to death according to a report: A priest in a Mexico border town was stabbed to death last week inside his parish, becoming the latest among over two dozen priests […]

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Mother Forces Toddlers To Have Sex While She Livestreams It To Her Boyfriend

A mother and her boyfriend were jailed for five decades after she was caught forcing toddlers to have sex and then live streaming it for her boyfriend to watch according to a report: AN EVIL mum made toddlers have sex with each other while her paedo boyfriend watched the sickening footage over social media. Florida […]

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