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The Kings Of Rock Are Dying, Long Live The King

The American rock band Starship, which was a continuation of Jefferson Starship, is known for her infamous song “We Built This City On Rock And Roll”: However, it is perhaps more accurate to say that rock-and-roll was built on rebellion. Whether it was against “traditional” (i.e. Christian for their times) values, religion, society, culture, or […]

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jesus-cleansing-the-temple (1)

Christians Must Arise And Be Like Christ And Take Up A Whip And Drive Out All Of The Corrupt And Homosexual Priests In The Catholic Church

By Theodore Shoebat Someone has actually done what we have been exhorting people to do since 2014: record the evil things said about clerical leaders and expose them. A seminarian named Matthew Bojanowski was being sexually harassed by a sodomite priest named Rev. Jeffrey Nowak, pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians Church in Cheektowaga. “After rejecting Father […]

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Swedish Professor Declares On Swedish Television That Cannibalism Is The Only Way To Save The Planet

A Swedish professor, Magnus Söderlund, declared that in order for the planet to survive the effects of “climate change,” human beings would need to make radical changes to their way of life, including their diets. Among the recommendations are the legalization of cannibalism, saying that it would be limited to dead bodies: Anyone who watched […]

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Major Development In AI Technology As Computer Passes An Eighth Grade Level Science Test

The desire of all corporations and governments is to create a person that will work endlessly with complete submission and at full capacity for ideally many years with little to no maintenance. Throughout most of history, this is what people call “slavery.” Under American law, direct slavery does not exist save for those in prison. […]

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Polish Catholic Priest Who Was Harassed By Sodomites Finally Does What Recommended Years Ago, Secretly Records Bishop And Exposes Massive Sodomite Corruption In Buffalo Diocese

Years ago, Ted advised Catholics to do what he called “Operation Whip”, which is to record, document, and confront people involved in serious, blatant, and persistent moral corruption in the Church. This came from an experience involving sodomites in the priesthood and about which little was done. From what we could tell, very few people […]

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