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Catholic Priest And Catechist Arrested In India Under Pressure From Hindu Terrorists For Preaching The Gospel

The situation of Christianity in India continues to worsen by the month. There are many types of Christians, and about 2.3 percent of the population of 1.33 billion is Christian. Of these people it is estimated that just over half are Catholics, and given the history and influence of the Church, what happened to members […]

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Wearing Blackface At A Party Two Decades Ago Is Not News

Canada is currently having another manufactured scandal as photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have become public in which is shows him dressed up as an Arab and doing so wearing blackface while at a party. Both the “left” and the “right” in Canada are expressing faux outrage over this perceived “horrible” offense that has […]

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immigration court

Immigration Courts Overwhelmed As Over A Million Cases Queued For A Hearing

One of the guarantees of the Constitution is the right to a ‘fair and speedy’ trial. While this is a good thing, the fact is that often times this does not happen. Court cases are either delayed for procedural reasons, unintentional accidents, or attorneys who attempt to stall the case in order to hopefully get […]

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Major Democrat Party Donor, Racist, And Drug Addicted Sodomite Obsessed With Feces Who Was Caught With Two Dead Sodomites In His Apartment Busted AGAIN Bringing More Homeless People To His Lair Of Perversion And Death To Fulfill Sick Fetishes

When many a man ages late into his years, it is said that the passions and goals which he had as a younger man fade away and take the shape of more mature things. These would be a reflection on the past, drawing from the lessons of youth to see how to make the world […]

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