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Evil Drug Cartel Skins Man Alive And Mocks Him On Video As He Begs For Mercy

In the recent months there has been a strong wave of violence in the states of the western part of the country, mainly Guanajuato, Jalisco and Michoacán. is very aware of this, as we have been keeping track of the activity of these groups and have worked with our contacts in some of these […]

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Military Meets Recruiting Goals In 2019 By Luring Debt-Strapped Millennials With Promises Of Financial Relief

The Millennial generation and increasingly it appears, Zoomer generation is in the words of Don McLean’s American Pie, “a generation lost in space, with no time to start again.” Owing to the facts of a declining standard of living, stagnant and declining wages, increases costs for basic necessities, less time than ever before to spend […]

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Counter-Jihad Movement Remains Silent As Trump Threatens To Flood Europe With Hordes Of Illegal Muslim Migrants From The Middle East Unless They Listen To Him

Immigration and “migration” are often times used as political shows for the politicians in charge. They fundamentally all agree on the same principles and do not care about either the will of their constituents or those attempting to come into the nation. What is often times done is for the purpose of advancing greater geopolitical […]

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Nine-Year-Old Girl Raped For Years By Her Mother’s Boyfriend, Says She Did It Because She Wanted Him To Stay With Her

The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is a well-known problem, but as has pointed out many times, it is more accurately described as a sodomite problem due to the fact that over 80% of the abuse is statistically proved to be done by male sodomites against other males, and of that 80% […]

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