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vegan sdt

Vile Sodomite Makes Video Of Him Raping His Dog, Puts It On Social Media, Complains That He Gets “Judged A Lot For Being Different”

The Bible makes clear that the characteristics of the residents of sodom are that having chosen to given themselves over to evil, they act out of will and passion devoid of truth. How this manifests can vary by individual and group, but it at the very least inclines a man to the worst of actions, […]

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prince charles rothchilds

While Christians Are Ignored Or Told To ‘Be Tolerant’, UK Government Creates Special Office For Jews, Declares It Will Inflict The “Most Robust Punishments” For Charges Of “Anti-Semitism”

Christianity has largely vanished from most of Western Europe, as the structures and remnants of the past remain but the people do not believe. In England, a nation with a Christian history going back many centuries, has since the Protestant Revolution when King Henry VIII declared himself the head of the church in his nation […]

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Police Argue That Accidentally Murdering An Illegal Immigrant Is OK Because Constitutional Legal Protections Don’t Apply To Him

Police officers face many stresses in their daily work, and naturally they can over-react at times, which unfortunately can have deadly consequences. Accidents do happen, but the police in the US have become notorious for too often a “shoot-first” policy under highly questionable circumstances. Many of these people who are killed under such circumstances are […]

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The ‘Antifa Screaming At An Old Lady’ Event In Canada Raises More Questions Than It Answers

The protests between the “left” and the “right” bear a semblance to the fighting between the Communists (International Socialists) and National Socialists during the 20th century and have for some years now. This was noted with the 2016 Identity Evropa / American Identity Movement protest when Nathan D’Amigo, a supporter of National Socialism, punched a […]

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