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mohammed bin salman

Was The Saudi ARAMCO Attacks ANOTHER Chapter In The Power Struggle Between Members Of The House Of Saud?

In November 2018, reported that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi appeared to be part of a conspiracy by elder members of the Saud family to strip power from Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) because they did not trust his ability to lead the country and feared he might put her in danger for the future. […]

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Trump Ag Secretary Blames The Chinese For Ag Policies Hurting Small Farmers

The American farm is dying out. While it is something that is drawn in pictures and spoken of in a folkloric way, the reality is that massive factory farms are wiping out smaller farmers and forcing them to sell lands that many have worked on for decades or centuries to mega corporate farms. One of […]

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leupr acetat

Sodomites Murder Over Six Thousand Teens And Seriously Injure Over Forty Thousand In Six Years With Poisonous Drugs

The transgender movement is extremely evil, as it is taking a healthy person and mutilating him with strange drugs and physical abuse in the name of “surgery”. This evil has been foisted upon teenagers, and while one sees the evils of it by looking at photos and videos of “protests,” the horror of the transgender […]

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Google CEO Confirms Predictions About Building Killer Robots And Genetic Editing has noted before in the archives that a major trend for the future will be the integration of advanced computer technologies, such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, with biological organisms. There are many different facets this appears to be adopting, with each one differing based upon the particular goals in mind. From what we […]

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