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How Catholics Become Pagan

By Theodore Shoebat My observations on a dark phenomena I’ve been noticing for years now: Catholics turning to paganism: I would like to take this opportunity to present our article on the occult monastery order that we, unintentionally, bumped into in Italy: Sodom and Egypt has inundated Rome through a pernicious network of clergy who […]

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USPS, Amazon, And The Death Of Small Business

There are always complaints about the Post Office and how slow it is. These have become worse with the explosion of online shopping and delivery. As one with experience in the trucking industry, Christmastime is always a very difficult month, as the trucks are running constantly and a single delay (which is going to happen) […]

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Two Men In Britain Kill Thirty Two Migrants By Putting Them Inside The Back Of A Truck And Locking Them In For 12 Hours At Over A 100 Degrees Temperature

By Theodore Shoebat Exploitation, cruelty and indifference to suffering is something that many migrants have gone through and there are many stories demonstrating this. Just recently, in the UK, two men were found guilty for the manslaughter of 32 migrants. As we read from the BBC: Two men have been found guilty of the manslaughter […]

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Canada Proposes North American Ban On Gasoline Powered Vehicles

So far, come January, Joe Biden will be sworn in as president of the US. One of the points he has emphasized was instituting was a ‘green new deal’, of which there were many environmental-friendly provisions that would be deadly to most of normal American life. While one cannot be sure of what Biden actually […]

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It’s Not Just The US- Russians Also Wait In Line For Food Stamps Amid Increasing Poverty And Lost Income

The problems related to the COVID pandemic are not just ‘western’ specific. They rather are a global issue due to the interconnectivity of the global economy and the US dollar as the ‘world reserve’ currency backing the economies of the globe. With instability in the US dollar and the economic problems, of which the majority […]

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Russian Scientist Working On COVID Vaccine “Plummets” To His Death- What Happened?

With the world racing for a COVID-19 vaccine, there are a lot of scientists doing work around the clock to stop the current pandemic. However, according to the New York Times from multiple sources, one scientist working on this vaccine in Russia has unexpected died in a strange and tragic way. A prominent Russian scientist […]

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